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Slaves freed into the desert.

Gays don’t exist!


Legalize abortion now! (ETA: Here is the raw link:

Gender what now?


IRS to consider transgender surgery tax deductible

From Lindsey:

Magic player makes ‘a joke’ that comes off as more of a threat. WotC
takes action to police its pro players. The player tries to claim it’s
just ‘cultural difference’ and that it’s totally okay to threaten to
rape a woman in France. Comments explode with entitled magic jerks
claiming that women need a thicker skin and obviously it wasn’t
‘serious’ because threatening language isn’t ever ‘serious’.

ETA: The link is working for me, but for those of you getting a 404 error:

From Scarlett:

Following link is to a series of posters warning against STDs over the first half of the 20th century. Interesting how it starts off (circa WWI) all ‘guys, don’t be jerks and catch an STD that you can pass onto your wives’ to ‘evil wimmenz infecting our men’ circa WWII.

From Casey:

HOPEFULLY this thread won’t have disappeared by the time this makes
it onto the site but IDK (massive TW):
There’s this smarmy, sanctimonious, semi-famous YouTuber by the name
of Onision (real name: Greg) who rants about the evils of meat-eating
and pre-marital sex. Apparently shortly after breaking up with his
girlfriend, a woman on his forum decided on a lark to start
corresponding with him, he talked about how much he loved her after
only three days, flew her all the way out to Texas two weeks later to
meet him, raped and sexually assaulted her repeatedly, tried to get
her pregnant (incidentally he also has a fascination with getting
underage girls pregnant), then has the GALL to cry and pout under the
covers of their bed accusing her of being “the most unloving person
[he’s] ever met” because she refused to comfort him after he had a bad
(some of the stuff the woman in question is kind of annoying too,
she’s bisexual and says only two gender exist. Onision also accused
her of being unfaithful to him because of her bisexuality and that’s
when she broke things off with him, I think)

From Cinnabar:

Anti-ableism petition for US-ian readers (though everyone can sign of

Seriously, feminists, get a funny bone.

Building off of Jen’s post on beauty: does this affective work sound like privilege to you?

On dismantling rape culture.

This is a great post on sexism online but it is SUPER triggering. From Casey:

Here’s a link to something from Tiger Beatdown, Sady Doyle breaks
down sexism on the internet in an emotionally exhausting list of all
the things she’s been called on #MenCallMeThings.

From Kim:

Film Crit Hulk is a blog in which media is analyzed in the voice of
the Incredible Hulk. Recently Hulk had some things to say about Arkham
City; specifically the sexism surrounding Catwoman. I found it a tasty
read for my brain and my sense of humour.

Women lie about rape like all the time. Hat-tip to Jay. [Jenn’s note: trigger warning on this link – they are serious!]

From Casey:

There’s a stamp on DA that says “PERIODS SUCK” and it’s gotten
popular enough to get on the front page.

Most everyone agrees with the sentiment and are sharing stories of
turrible period experiences but some troll named Gabalot is saying
stuff like:
Seriously, women, it’s time to pull on your big girl panties and grow
the hell up. The cramps don’t hurt worth shit and the most you ever
bleed is 1 cup. Not much at all.”


“I’m a girl AND I say that all you full-grown women are acting
If a period is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, go
break an arm or leg. Seriously, wimps. CRY MOAR.”

So “she”‘s playing the horizontal oppression card and dismissing
other women’s experience. Stay klassy.

There are black people in your canon, being BLACK.

Atheists demand recognition.

Why Inglorious Basterds is hella complicated.

Inglourious Basterds wants to give credit for the victory in World War II to someone other than the US and Soviet armies; to nominate, as the virtual heroes of some secret history, badass Jews and cinema itself. It’s an extraordinary idea.

…except I think that’s it all wrong. None of what I’ve just written actually works; or rather, the movie does in fact put in play the two fantasies I’ve been describing—the fantasy of a muscular Judaism and the fantasy of the perfect anti-fascist film—but then it takes them back—or at least makes them harder to occupy.

Waterboarding isn’t torture? …right.


Rihanna has her new album available for streaming.


  1. says

    Wow. Since I’m bisexual, I guess I don’t exist. Is this like that “butterfly who dreamed he was a man” paradox, or am I just a figment of someone’s imagination? Sadly, no answer to this pressing question could be found in Linda Harvey’s quotes, just blanket denial of reality.


    “This is extremely controversial to talk about because people fear it will feed the story line that women’s problems stem not from gender bias but because they undercut each other all the time”

    Yeah, that was my knee jerk reaction. I was raised in a household where I heard this constantly. “Men know how to work together but women are just catty and spend all their time backstabbing each other.” (I was simultaneously told that it was natural for men to be leaders due to their innate aggressiveness, and for women to be followers due to their innate passiveness. Pointing out the logic flaws here only got me in trouble.)

    I’m glad to see the article taking a more reasoned approach to this. Especially since I’ve seen the same study discussed, but without mention of how almost half had no preference and how nobody preferred working for female partners. There is a lot of nuance in this, and reducing it to “women hate each other, lol” ignores the question of Why?.


    The whole, “Holy shit, there are Black people in the Hunger Games?!” reaction is really pissing me off in light of how quick this same fandom was to declare Katniss, the protagonist with “olive” skin, White. It’s just confirming my theory that people see what they want to see, no facts required.

  2. says

    The comments on the “Republicans don’t know American history” link are pretty funny! One asks how they could possibly have left out Obama’s responsibility for the assassination of Lincoln? 😉

    The Magic link has been disappeared behind a Forbidden wall – I think that says something right there.

    Wow, I think the beauty link really gets at what I was trying to say in that article. When I was a pre-teen, I realized I was never going to be tall enough to be a model – several of my friends wanted to be models because we perceived models as being completely free of dependence on men or society’s approval – and it was more a relief than a disappointment. I didn’t have to even consider the possibility of modeling anymore, because cosmetic surgery couldn’t make me taller. I had always wanted to be a rock musician, and, um, somehow Madonna’s presence eclipsed the yawning gaping lack of women in rock (except as supermodel girlfriends of boy rockers, of course). Meanwhile, the idea that models were free of dependence on men/society (just because they made such money) was incorrect. It costs TONS of money to look like a supermodel, and getting to the top doesn’t mean you can slouch on that spending now. People have NO IDEA how many thousands women in beauty-driven professions spend PER MONTH on procedures and cosmetics.

    Meanwhile, you know what top male A-list actors spend? Yeah. About the same as the guys you know. If the studio really wants to treat their acne and get their hair in order before the big movie, the studio can fucking pay for that.

    So it’s not an unearned privilege. It’s earned perks.

    And while I’ve worked in offices that tended to hire nothing but super-hotties, I honestly believe I have gotten a few very decent jobs because I wasn’t beautiful enough to inspire bad male behavior or make anyone envious. I didn’t make supermodel bucks, of course, but I’m sure (particularly in L.A., where beautiful women are so common) there were some beautiful women who would’ve liked my jobs… and been unable to get them due to someone’s anticipation of the bad behavior others would engage in due to their perceptions of what her beauty meant.

  3. Casey says

    Uh…uh…okay, I’m confused, is the “False Rape Society” a really real genuine “ZOMG WIMMENZ BE LYIN’ ABOUT RAEP ALL THE TIME” blog? I just…ugh. What?

  4. says


    Casey, yes, and we’re linking it to show how carefully crafted and reasonable-sounding their claims are. To those who don’t search out the possibility that it’s complete and utter bullshit of the most misleading sort, and why would you when it sounds so un-biased and concerned about human rights, it seems like a valid source. This is what we’re up against.

  5. Katherine says

    The first thing that crossed my mind when reading the words “women lie about rape all the time” was that of course they do; they lie to themselves that it wasn’t really rape, or that it wasn’t violent rape so it wasn’t a crime, or that it must have been their fault, and so on. Then I actually looked at the link.

  6. Gabriella says

    So, did they declare it to be a ‘false accusation’ after they proved irrevocable that it HADN’T happened or after they just couldn’t be assed proving that it DID?

  7. says


    I haven’t examined that specific site, but typically rape apologists count:

    –Cases that don’t end in conviction. No, seriously. It’s like they’ve never heard of someone getting off on a technicality.
    –Cases where the victim retracts her charges once she gets a sense of the re-traumatization she’s in for
    –Ironically, most of them FAIL to look at actual cases of men being imprisoned for rapes they didn’t commit, which typically happen because of cops and DAs not doing their jobs properly (that’s why it’s typically poor men and MoC who end up in jail wrongly – they’re easy targets in a system where it’s all about being able to afford/know a good lawyer). These are not “false accusations” – at least not by the victims. It’s cops, DA’s and witnesses who sometimes accuse whoever is handy.

    Real “false accusations” by victims are uncommon, just as they are with other felonies. And unlike other felonies, it’s far more common for rape victims NOT to report than to report something they made up, which suggests to me that actual rapists have a much lower chance of being brought to justice than any other felony. And I bet the percent of false convictions for other felonies is about the same as it is in rape, with the same disproportionate affect on MoC and poor men .

  8. The Other Anne says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    That sort of heinous, disingenuous reaction is exactly why I describe by race every character in my books. There is no way to misread: “so-and-so was white and so-and-so was black” (albeit with a tad more poetry to it). Because when I’m making movies out of all the books I write and raking in millions, and there’s backlash because I have multiple main characters who are not white, I can point to my books and say, “you’re just being racist.”

    Not that that’s not what they could do here–clearly any ambiguity in the description of characters meant the white guy character was just tan instead of black, and obviously beloved characters in books would never be black! OF COURSE! And this is why students in school should have a full semester dedicated to nonwhite writers and non-western history, or western history from the perspective of the oppressed. That way nonwhite students learn more about their histories and white students actually learn that they aren’t the only people that matter to history and that society might love them but they don’t deserve those privileges over anyone else.

  9. I.A. Scott says

    @The UN. Sounds awesome. I’ll have to print out that report and give it a read.

    @Periods: If the women in my family are anything to go by, periods can double people over and worse.

    That atheist thing really makes the US army sound rather like some kind of Christian Army or somesuch. I don’t know how I feel about even the idea of atheist chaplains, but maybe I also don’t really feel any ‘solidarity’ as such with fellow atheists.

    Bachmann really confuses me sometimes. Though perhaps more confusing is the apparent support. Or maybe she’s a smokescreen to make the other candidates look that much better?

  10. says

    Based on one of the specific examples in Eugene Kanin’s study (that they cite for support), it also includes cases where the woman admits that she had ever consented to sex with her rapist, even if she later withdrew consent. Because, y’know, that’s not fair…saying “yes” means that a guy can do whatever he wants to you.

    I think a fair number of the cases where they decided it “wasn’t rape” were because of a massive misdefinition of rape. For instance, the “society” in general is very big about how coerced sex shouldn’t be considered rape, as long as force isn’t used.

  11. says

    And regarding the other links…

    –The lengths people will go to in order to pretend black people and queer people don’t exist is actually pretty frightening.

    –My wife and I read the one about feminists getting a sense of humor, and we laughed our asses off.

    –Sady Doyle’s piece was excellent…the ending made me want to cheer.

    The first thing that crossed my mind when reading the words “women lie about rape all the time” was that of course they do; they lie to themselves that it wasn’t really rape, or that it wasn’t violent rape so it wasn’t a crime, or that it must have been their fault…

    I apologize that I missed this the first time through…but you’re right. And the horrifying/infuriating thing is that this society says with a straight face that if does any of that, this “proves” she wasn’t raped.

    Apparently, if women deny they were raped, it’s ALWAYS true, but if they claim they were raped, they’re usually lying/mistaken/whatevah.

  12. Casey says

    Spartakos: Apparently, if women deny they were raped, it’s ALWAYS true, but if they claim they were raped, they’re usually lying/mistaken/whatevah.

    Another thing about this whole WIMMENZ BE LYIN’ mindset is that people automatically assume that if she recants that means she wasn’t raped OR if she takes hush-money that means she wasn’t raped (AND IS ALSO A GOLD DIGGER HERP-DE-DURR).

    I.A. Scott: @Periods: If the women in my family are anything to go by, periods can double people over and worse.

    Indeed, I’ve passed out on the floor from really bad menstrual cramps on more than one occasion. >_<

    FilmCritHulk's analysis of Arkham City's over-the-top "bitch"-i-tude was awesome, I love the game but the sheer inconsistency of using swear words like hell, damn and crap then BITCHBITCHBITCHBITCH reeked of trying too hard (and that's me being generous). Catwoman also pissed me off, just stop cooing and zip up your freakin' catsuit!
    (I still love the game, of course. I wish I could play as her more as well.)

    This is semi-OT, but one of the links left in FilmCritHulk's comment section was pretty interesting, it was a Tumblr with the comprehensive timeline of the fallout of Penny Arcade's Dickwolves brou-ha-ha. Something that pissed me off about it was Extra Creditz' response to joining the site which basically amounted to "HAY GABE AND TYCHO HAVE DONE A LOT MORE GOOD THEN HARM PLUS THERE'S BIGGER MISOGYNIST FISH TO FRY; FEMINISTS/RAPE SURVIVORS/ANYONE ELSE WHO'S BEEN OFFENDED JUST NEED TO LEARN TO FORGIVE GABE AND TYCHO LIKE HOW AFRICAN AMERICANS NEEDED TO FORGIVE THEIR WHITE NEIGHBORS IN ORDER TO STOP SEGREGATION"

    Just….*sputters incredulously* WHAT!?!?!?
    As good as Extra Creditz usually is about this kind of stuff, I was seriously raging over that, it's sure easy to plea for forgiveness when you're the privileged class who wants to be forgiven you fucking fuck-fucks!!![/rant]

  13. SunlessNick says

    Interesting how it starts off (circa WWI) all ‘guys, don’t be jerks and catch an STD that you can pass onto your wives’ to ‘evil wimmenz infecting our men’ circa WWII.

    I liked the third one, which flat out asked how you (assumed male) can demand honour and purity and stuff of her if you’re not prepared to offer it yourself. Ok, “liked” is too strong a word, given my hate of the word “purity” in this context, however it’s used, but I liked that that a question of that form was asked.

  14. Dina Bow says

    It’s a shame that people would react that way to minority characters. Its just the fact that they’re not white that sets them off… when the movie comes out I’m sure everyone will nitpicking at the tinest flaws of the actors/actresses. Maybe more people are buying into the hype that no one really wants to see anyone other than white people do stuff. I do notice how some shows/ movies don’t even bother with a token character anymore.

  15. Quib says


    Ugh, that debacle. I was disappointing when I found out Extra Creditz moved to PATV also, and similar feelings towards other nerd people and organizations still affiliated with them, but I don’t really know what to say. It’s not easy to call someone out when you like them, and I don’t think taking issue with someone’s actions means burning every bridge between them and oneself. It’s just that not even acknowledge that what they did was really shitty and not very smart, or maybe talk about why it was not ok, that is tacitly condoning the sentiments expressed.
    Ugh, it also feels way late in the game to even be bringing things up.
    Maybe I will Tumblr about how While it is fun to be obnoxious on the internet, you also have to be aware of to whom you are being mean, because it is a very different thing to beat up on someone powerful, than to be cruel someone weak and disenfranchised. (kinda relevant to the forums/gaming topics in the OP also)

    Hm, I only read the first book of Hunger Games, and… I’ve never been that clear on what “olive skin” is meant to describe (I think I was picturing her as Indian, but I don’t do a lot of visual picturing while I read). For my personal aesthetics, I was more put off by how they seem to have cast muscular adults as starving teenagers, but then, I am probably not the target audience.
    So, It took me a while to remember that Cinna was the stylist guy, and I don’t quite recall what all of his role was, but Rue was pretty important, and definitely mentioned to have brown skin. so, yeah, pretty sad that anyone who’s read the book is surprised at that.

    I like how periods are Only a Cup of Blood, because that is totally an insignificant and negligible thing.
    On the topic though, I’m not %100 on board with “Periods Suck!”, it’s good to rant and be able to talk about it, but there’s a lot of negativity about periods. I’ll have to double check whether it was here or SocImages that featured cute and fun depictions of menstruation.

    Jennifer Kesler,

    I also notice there are A – list actors, Pitt, Di Caprio, who seem to be aging like human beings even.

  16. says

    Quib: On the topic though, I’m not %100 on board with “Periods Suck!”, it’s good to rant and be able to talk about it, but there’s a lot of negativity about periods.

    I hear you. On the one hand, I want to be able to talk about my periods used to have me in the fetal position sobbing for days at a time (used to – thank you, hormonal birth control!). This is a significant factor in my life. It kept me home from school regularly, caused conflict in my family life, not to mention the sheer pain which does not stop being important due to my femininity, thankyouverymuch. And of course, it’s very important that I stay on HBC lest this ever occur again.

    On the other hand, PMS jokes are used to put women down and dismiss our behavior as hormonal and irrational. This was, I kid you not, an honest-to-gawd reason someone I knew wouldn’t vote for Hilary Clinton: “But what happens once a month when she has PMS and she’s sitting there next to the nuclear bomb button?”

    And on the mutant third hand, I think there’s so much focus on the negatives of periods that we overlook the positives or even the neutrals. Periods can be proof of fertility, or proof of an empty uterus (as in a pregnancy scare). The fact is that this is something our bodies go through, just like other mammals. Male-bodied people go through hormonal cycles too.

    Personally I think PMS and period jokes are one of those in-group jokes that you shouldn’t make unless you’re either a member of the group or your ally status is known to everyone there.

  17. Casey says

    Quib: On the topic though, I’m not %100 on board with “Periods Suck!”, it’s good to rant and be able to talk about it, but there’s a lot of negativity about periods. I’ll have to double check whether it was here or SocImages that featured cute and fun depictions of menstruation.

    Even though I’m against demonizing periods and various other things that are vagina-related, as someone whose menstruation is never really cute or fun (mostly PAINFUL), I don’t mind the negativity TOO much.

  18. Gabriella says


    Yeah, I like how it was calling men on being hypocrities – don’t ask or a virginal wife when you’ve been playing around and now have an STD. It was interesting to see how they evolved over the years.

    There was a realy good awareness ad playing a couple of years ago (late night, no less) which featured a mixed crowd of people and was all about promoting condom use rather than shaming anyone for their lifestyle. I’lll try to find it online but the fact it was late-nights only doesn’t bode well – all, ‘we don’t talk about these things at a decent hour when the younggins are up’.

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