Baseball: More important than Families

The welfare and health of a new mother and her baby aren’t nearly as important as baseball, so please, schedule completely unneeded major surgery for you and your child so that your man can go play baseball.

At least that’s the message Boomer Esiason would like to share. When Mets baseballl player dared to use all three paternity days after his child was born, he was criticized by radio personalities for not having his priorities right. Never mind that child birth and the care of a newborn are difficult, time consuming (and yes, often joyous) time and that increased maternal support has been shown to reduce instances of post-postpartum depression.


  1. says

    There’s so much to dissect here. First, older workers commonly express resentment of younger workers taking their full MATERNITY leave, not just paternity. And I mean HR staff, not just random co-workers. They didn’t have that, so why should we? There’s also a lot of “work comes first” going on here.

    It’s not surprising that members of the “latch key” generations are thinking, “I’m going to spend more time with my kids than my parents spent with me.” Doesn’t Gramps here remember the 80s? Doesn’t he realize we had a whole generation of kids whose parents couldn’t remember their names, and it didn’t work out too well, so we thought, hey, what if we tried actually being there for the kids?

    Oh, and Gramps? Another thing we’ve had a rethink about is whether workers over 40 can possibly have any value. So you might want to try to pretend you understand the Millennials since they’re really not interested in your totally irrelevant “back when the economy still worked” perspective on stuff.

  2. D. says

    Um, the player being criticized was actually Dan Murphy; Mr. Esiason (who is a former football player) was one of the critics. I thought at first that you had posted an April Fool joke two days late.

    The critics are still wrong, though, and I hope Mr. Murphy tells them where to go.

      • D. says


        Closer reading suggests that a definite or indefinite article or maybe the guy’s name got left out of the second sentence in the second paragraph, which made it a bit ambiguous/confusing. Sorry.

        Mr. Murphy and Mets manager Terry Collins responded to the critics.

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