Batman and Robin #19: The Mansplainer Follow Up

With Cornell’s last issue, we find out what was really going on with Una Nemo, our psychotic comic book straw feminist from last month.

Surprise! The whole dead ex-girlfriend thing was just a front! Vikki Vale is fine (even though she’s tied up in a cupboard; girl can’t catch a break!), and the Dead Ex bag was filled with sawdust and cardboard.

Una gets another one over on the boys, ties them up, and decides it’d be fun to drill holes through their heads. Dick tries to guess what it is she wants from them (secret identities, maybe) while Damian criticizes her for not being a good psycho (“If she were a proper psychotic, this wouldn’t be so tiresome”).

But surprise! Those drills were cardboard, which Dick finds out when it makes contact with his cowl. He still winds up screaming like the biggest wussy in the entire world.

He had better be glad that Barbara Gordon wasn’t listening in on the Oracle comm. She would never let him hear the end of it. Ever.

So Una wasn’t trying to kill Batman and Robin, apparently. She used the wounded, crazy ex thing to distract them so that her own minions could kill off the men who robbed that yacht and “killed” her.

Which, I am all for. She totally pulled the wool over their eyes. It was awesome. She’s not really obsessed with Bruce Wayne, it was just an act!


Except for one line.

“I wasn’t lying,” she says. “I need him to miss me.” With that, she shoots herself in the head and falls out a window.

Great. Just…just great! This was shaping up to be a “Oh awesome, I wasn’t expecting that!” kind of thing, and now…urgh.

In the end, they don’t find Una, or any blood, and the last page is a splash of Una standing on a dock, presumably on her way out of town. Dick remarks that this villain made him realize that he’s a Batman who enjoys the thrill of being expendable and Damian is a Robin who would die for the cause.

So at least she didn’t KILL herself over a man. But…that line. “I need him to miss me.”

Why? Why does she need him to miss her? She outsmarted Batman and Robin (which, admittedly, not that hard to do, since Dick ISN’T the world’s greatest detective, and Damian is a ten-year-old kid), she got away with her revenge plot, sure, she’s got an insane hole in her head, but with maybe a little plastic surgery, that could be fixed. She could still be awesome. She could!

But she needs him to miss her? Really?

*sigh* Not as disappointing as it could have been obviously, but still not that great.


  1. says

    I always say, it’s the LITTLE ways media gets female characters wrong. Those little annoying things they say or do that ring false. The ways they are just a little too wrapped up in the male characters. The way their voices sound like what the male writers want women to sound like.

    I mean, yeah, occasionally you get an outright sexist portrayal, but more often than not it migh start out okay then a detail or three ruins it.

    And wait, she “faked out” shooting herself, but still has a hole in her head??? That’s just…stupid.

  2. Casey says


    “Not as disappointing as it could have been obviously, but still not that great.”
    Yeah, but y’know as well as I that a lot of the time, it’s the little things that’re most exasperating.

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