Because Controling Libidos is Apparently a Woman’s Job

Huckabee: Dems say women need government to ‘control their libido’

There is so much wrong in Huckabee’s viewpoint, as reported in the article above, that I could go on at length (and I invite you to do so if you wish, in the comments below). But here’s the point I want to make at this moment. If Huckabee (and his ilk) really feel that sexual behavior is a problem in our society and that we must push abstinence etc, why aren’t they talking about the libido of women and men? Why aren’t they railing against a society that glorifies men for having sex, and a lot of it? That, I think, what truly shows the difference between someone who might just have a very different value system than I versus someone who just seems to hate or wish to control women.


  1. says

    That’s an excellent point. The entire anti-choice/anti-BC argument has NEVER included analysis of male behavior. It’s taken as a matter of fact, even by supposed Christians who supposedly take issue with any sex outside of marriage… but just kind of overlook it in males.

    It’s such an unbelievable reach, trying to frame pushing businesses not to block access to birth control as the government thinking women can’t control their libidos. Huh? It sounds like he’s been watching porn movies where women are constantly being overcome by passion, and no time for condoms!

    In reality, women have a lot of contraception options. The pill’s hormones can wreak havoc on your body, so most women only opt for the pill if their hormones are already out-of-whack and the pill actually helps. Maybe Huckabee slept through the 80s, when the rest of us learned that the pill does nothing to prevent disease, so with new partners you need a barrier method anyway.

  2. sbg says

    Yes. A coworker and I came to this precise point this morning when I came in gnashing my teeth over this jackhole’a latest nonsense … and the rally of knuckledraggers in the comments on Yahoo. I’m not sure how having affordable, covered birth control has piss-all to do with a woman’s libido anyway, but my goodness, never have I ever once heard them talking about men needing to keep it in their pants.

  3. N. says

    I can see how these prudes, whose only acceptable BC method is crossing your legs, would be pissed off that their taxes finance the BC of everyone else (who in their tiny minds are whores just for using them). But they are wrong not only in all the points already mentioned; they ignore the fact that having state-covered contraceptives is not an impromptu idea of whoever was in charge when it was first implemented, but a response by the government to a real necessity in the people.

    • says

      A lot of people I talk to are just now realizing that “the Republicans are going after the pill??? Really???”. I think if they really push this, they’re going to get serious backlash from white middle class men. The pill really IS used by heterosexual couples quite a lot for putting off babies until they’re ready, and for spacing out the multiple kids in a way they feel is best psychologically and financially. If you take away the pill, a lot of couples would have to rely on something like condoms, which are (a) not well-liked by men and (b) expensive. We’re talking middle class and upper WHITE GUYS…. the very last group on earth who might possibly still vote Republican. Tell them, “Sorry, your sex was too good – wear this piece of latex to please The Lord” and they will not vote for them anymore.

      So I broadcast this stuff to every man I know. Unfortunately I’m in a blue state so most of the guys I know vote Democrat anyway.

    • SunlessNick says

      If they were *prudes,* they really would be worried about male sexuality as well as female. It’s not sex they have problems with, it’s women having authority over their own bodies.

  4. Cheryl H. says

    Huckabee’s remarks made me gnash my teeth and roll my eyes. BC pills have zero to do with libido, but when was the last time you heard anything intelligent about birth control–or women’s reproduction and health care in general–from a GOP talking head, so no surprises there. He can kiss my pale white ass, talking about women like we’re too weak-willed and stoopid to think for ourselves and make our own decisions, that we’re idiots enough to be duped into believing we need “Uncle Sugar” to make the decisions about our sex lives for us. Do I detect some jealousy there, Hucks? You upset us wimminfolk aren’t letting y’all make our decisions for us? You all hot under the collar because we ain’t marryin’ young and poppin’ out babies one per year like you and the Duggars say God intended us wimmin to?

    I am so tempted to write him a letter to the effect of:

    Gov. Huckabee:

    I heard your remarks about women and birth control, and I am very upset. I and my husband are devout Christians and have been married for fifteen years and have three children. Our finances are very, very tight, and for that reason, we have chosen, after much prayer, to use birth control because we cannot afford a fourth child. I was deeply, deeply insulted by your remarks. Neither I, nor any of the women I know at work and at my church who use birth control, use it for any reason related to our libido, which would be foolish, because birth control pills have absolutely no influence over sexual libido. Using birth control pills has increased both my husband’s and my libido, as we know the chances of my conceiving is extremely low, and you, as a good Christian man, should know how pleased God is when a husband and wife enjoy each other. Hearing everything the Republican Party has said about birth control pills and the women who use them, I am under the impression that the GOP seems to think that the better solution would be for women who do not wish to become pregnant to simply not have sex. Would you suggest that I, and every other married women who is using birth control, stop having sex with our husbands? The GOP also seems to think that women who use birth control are sluts and whores, who want to use birth control so they can have irresponsible, uncontrolled sex; a string of one-night-stands without any consequences. Speaking for myself, as a wife and a mother of three children under the age of fourteen, I don’t have the time or energy for that kind of thing, and I definitely would not cheat on my husband–and I know I speak for the other mothers at my church and my workplace who use the birth control pill when I say that. WOMEN WHO USE THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL TO PREVENT CONCEPTION ARE NOT ALL SINGLE AND WE ARE NOT SLUTS AND WHORES.

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