A Year in Review: The Best of 2008

We’re starting a new feature here at The Hathor Legacy. In addition to our regularly-scheduled link roundups of exciting articles around the blogosphere, from now on each month we’ll post an assortment of links to THL articles, featuring a few of the best/most interesting/most discussion-generating posts by THL contributors–a sort of ‘selected works’ for any given month. To start us off on the right foot for the new year, I’m featuring a sampling of great articles from the past year for your reading and reminiscing pleasure (tomorrow, I’ll follow-up with a post full of links to all our film, television and book reviews this past year). I promise that these ‘best of’ posts will be shorter in the future, but, hey, I’m trying to cover a whole year here, so cut me some slack!

Starting in January, Jennifer expounds on the gendering of escapism for film and television viewers and, in a later post, she explains why gender essentialism is so problematic. Taking on more explicitly feminist issues, in February Jennifer explores the patriarchal protection myth of women surrendering to men, and firebird posts an example of how not to use women in advertising.

In March, Jennifer takes on the question of race versus gender and SunlessNick explores the myth of the vagina dentata. April brings us a series of posts about the film industry, from Jennifer comparing the standards applied to male and female actors, the inexplicable appeal of the misogynist character who gets the girls, and the controversy regarding gender in kids’ movies (with the discussion continuing in this post) to SunlessNick wondering why smart women are sometimes accused of being “too hot”. And there’s also a great post about feminism and narcissism.

In May, a compelling discussion developed over two posts about why catcalling is not flattering (and why men shouldn’t think harassment is flattering). Also, starting in May, and continuing throughout June, July, and August, more excellent film and television industry posts, considering demographics, the false idol of the edgy independent filmmaker, screenwriters and the all-important Bechdel test, the disconnect between discrimination and profit, how it’s all about the money, on surviving the film community as a feminist, and Jennifer’s personal account of quitting film.

Also, in June, sbg wonders why “normal” guys get special commendations for their “niceness” and Firebird considers superstitions about feminism. Plus, August brings us posts about the myth of the woman who craves abuse and the sexualization of the green M&M.

Buzz-generating September posts about Joss Whedon’s feminism and The OTHER Maria’s interrogation of feminism and the publishing industry brought us into Fall with a bang. Everyone was a little distracted by politics in October and November what with that “health of the mother” business and the media-frenzy generated by Sarah Palin. But Hathor contributors also had time to think about eye candy for women in advertising, the cult of masculinity, and how much sexual violence in films female viewers should be expected to handle.

Finally, in December, THL rounded out 2008 with an amazing discussion about Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere; don’t miss the comments section where Gaiman himself joins in on the debate!

And stay tuned. Tomorrow, a comprehensive list of 2008 reviews.



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