Boston Legal #4

OK, I know I said I wouldn’t write about BL this week, but the thing is, we’re thirteen hours in front of LA time, so my post still counts as LA time, so this is still Monday (even though it;s 0330 Tues here), so I can still write…

Not much to say, other then: 1) The Bitch (Bev Bridges) and The Bastard (Denny Crane) realise that they’re equal to one another, and rather then squabble it out, they should settle. It’s oddly feministic; let’s stop wasting each other’s time and go straight for what we want.

2) We realise that, rather then being divorced, Alan is actually widowed… and he misses the familiarity, the challenge of someone who knows him so well that she can challenge him so well… to me, that epitomises the ideal that sometimes, you can live with someone so much more effectively then you can live without them…


  1. new person says

    So you seem to know a lot about the show…is James Spader deliberately wearing a stomach pad (too have a bit of a…pooch…to better fit the character) or has he just picked up weight?

  2. scarlett says

    I don’t pay that much attention to the actor’s appearance, just to sociopolitical commen tary and the actor’s performances. I have heard commented from various sources that he seems to have put on weight in the last few years.

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