Boston Legal #3

Once more, I urge people who don’t watch Boston Legal to get hold of it someway, somehow. The friend of mind who doesn’t watch it because it’s on too late, seriously, I’ll tape it for you on Monday nights, bring it over Tuesday evening, and explain everything you’ve missed. This episode, Live Big, explores the morality of euthanasia. I highly recommend, at least for the liberal minded.

Onto my summary:

1) Candice Bergen, aka Shirley Schmidt, shows her usual cynicism, wit, insight and humanism. She questions their senior partner, Paul, when he gets sentimental at a song about a girl thanking her daddy for being there for her. She knows he misses his own estranged daughter and damned if she’s letting his feelings getting away unchecked. Turns out Paul’s daughter was a druggie who milked him for cent after cent who he eventually had to cut himself off on – a move he regretted, even if it was vital, even since.

2) Schmidt then goes on to face down her ex-husband, Ivan, who is engaged to what is best described as a complete piss-take of everything Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson have done combined. Seriously, this woman is far, FAR too OTT to be taken seriously. They sing songs from The Sound of Music to their wedding vows, for Christ’s sakes. It’s at this point, after Ivan has propositioned her, that Shirley decides, rather then be the “˜speak now’ voice at the wedding, to leave two such tacky, cliched people to themselves. God knows they deserve one another.

3) We learn more about Paul and his life beyond protecting Crane, Poole and Schmidt from the best efforts of Crane and Poole. He is humbled by the fact his pride has cost him his daughter and grand-daughter. So he cut his daughter of financially, he still could have supported her emotionally. Basically, he’s made some mistakes as a father, which is refreshingly honest to see admitted.

$) Once more, fantastic dynamic between Denny and Alan. They are two men elevated by the patriarchy and ultimately disenchanted by it, finding comfort in one another. But I already wrote an article about that”¦

And the friend of mine who thinks it’s missing something without Mr. Kelly, well, I’ll bring the tape over Wednesday evening and explain everything you’ve missed…

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