You know what’s a really uncool idea?

Let’s raise lots and lots of generations of girls and teach them they’re not entitled to anything, not even to not getting beaten by their husbands, except a really gorgeous wedding which will be the only day of their lives anyone really treats them with respect.

Let’s change that just slightly for 1-2 generations by teaching some women they’re entitled to some more than that. Like cable networks that are allegedly for women! And maybe jobs. (But we’ll also raise their chances of getting raped considerably, so they don’t get too uppity.)

And then, noting that wedding planning is the most ungodly frustrating responsibility you could ever put on someone who’s not a professional party planner, and 90% of family members will be doing everything they possibly can to make it even more stressful because they have no lives and it’s not legal to shoot people like that, let’s make a TV show to make fun of women trying to plan their weddings!

WE Network: go kill yourself.

Bridezillas follows women getting “bitchy” as they attempt to plan their weddings. Personally, I’d rather plan a military campaign – it would be simpler. And have you ever watched a man try to plan a meeting among 12 people who aren’t all local? They can get pretty bitchy, too. That’s because trying to get more than three human beings on the same page about anything is a hell of a challenge.

It is theoretically possible that this show might serve one good purpose: helping women relax about planning their own weddings. But I’ll lay odds it’ll be a lot more cathartic for grooms and families who are just looking for an excuse to blame the bride, lecture about how silly women are for caring about this stuff, and then get the wedding over with so they can go back to treating her like an invisible fixture that came with the house.


  1. Jess says

    No, no, no. Men don’t get bitchy they get justifibly annoyed. That’s why they don’t have an meetingzilla show.

    I don’t really get the whole wedding planning concept anyway. The groom abdicates all responsibility to the bride, then makes fun of her for freaking out over the huge amount of work involved. Then there’s the family. They should have a familyzilla show. That would actually help brides relax.

  2. says

    I hate this concept and I hate this show. It simply says “A woman can not demand perfection, because if she does clearly she’s crazy or a b*tch.” Think, for example, about women depicted in T.V./movies in powerful positions. If they are demanding of their underlings (who are most often male or the “right” kind of woman–i.e. in a supportive role to her male higher-ups) then they are dragon ladies of sorts–they will eat their men alive and spit out the bones. If a woman demands perfection of her wedding day, she’s clearly looney. She’s clearly not right in the head if she freaks out over mistakes that shouldn’t have been made, or loses her cool in the general direction of her not-so-helpful family who is doing nothing but adding to her stress levels. And forget it if the man who, as Jess points out, has washed his hands of the whole messy planning business, all of the sudden decides to speak up… buddy, you didn’t want any input from the get go, you don’t get any now least of all if it means re-arranging every single little detail already set in stone. Furthermore, like all “reality” T.V. it’s all about editing for a story, so you never get to see the moments of tenderness or when the bride breaks down in sheer frustrations. Oh no, all you see is the red-eyed she-bitch monster person. *sigh*

    Why more people don’t elope is beyond me…

  3. Jennifer Kesler says

    In addition to everything both of you said: it’s on WE Network! Supposedly a station for women! Wow, don’t I feel cherished? ;)0

  4. says

    I don’t agree that men don’t take any responsibility for or any interest in wedding planning is particularly accurate. It may be the trope of the show, but I think it’s as much a stereotype as the bridezilla, and pretty unfair to men.

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