The Casual Vacancy

I’ve long said that Harry Potter as a series is about the very best of a generation of young people… and the way all the adults in their lives systemically fail them. The Casual Vacancy is… well. It’s darker and more honest and more painful, and it’s not just the adults who suck: it’s teens failing one […]

What I’m not reading: The Child Thief

Lollerskates! A blog about narrative faults in Twilight.  I finished The Child Thief, and marveled at the lack of research into American history, city life, and military and poverty culture. Basically, this retelling of Peter Pan features Peter as a child thief, luring children into Avalon/Faerie to fight in its defense. The plot-holes  include Sekeu’s appearance (she’s […]

A Dance with Dragons — SPOILERS AHOY!

Rightio! I finally cracked and readA Dance With Dragons.  I put it off for a while, because ASoiF and I have a love/hate relationship. I’m redonkulously over the casual misogyny and ableism when I’m not reading it, and impatient for the plot to GO GO GO! when I am. I don’t mean that last in […]

What I’m NOT Reading: The Looking Glass War

I was really looking forward to this book, but ultimately found that the tight timeline (necessary to avoid having an adult female princess!!!!!111!) stretched my credulity too far. Here’s my breaking point. He put an arm around Alyss’ waist and moved with her in gentle circles. He had never touched the princess before — not […]

What I’m NOT Reading: Torrodil

Jesus Christ. Okay, here’s the book description: Consigned at birth to society’s scrapheap, the closest Anna Gray has gotten to adventure is an outbreak of Black Pox. But when the enemy lays waste to her village, Anna unleashes a terrible power – one that teems beneath her skin, inviting her to tear apart the earth […]

Reviews in Brief: Size 12 is Not Fat, Territory, Rune of Unmaking

Size 12 Is Not Fat: A Heather Wells Mystery only makes sense if you realize that it’s not set in REAL New York. It, like the Dresden Files, is set in White City, where POC are fairly absent or caricatured and where other people are WAY too into your business. In this major metropolis of White […]

What I’m NOT Reading: The Delilah Complex

First up, Sylvia’s got a review up here. Secondly, Bitch goes all macro on a bad book. <3 And now… our sentences of the week! From The Delilah Complex: The way she imitated the worst traits in a man made him pity her. Why did she force her toughness? Didn’t she know how much more powerful […]