An Acceptable Time – Acceptable Themes?

After a recent conversation with Michelle of I Am A Tree [blog since removed], I felt inspired to pick up and re-read Madeline L’Engle’s An Acceptable Time, which had been one of my very favorite books when I was a teen. More often than not, when I revisit things I was enthusiastic about when I […]

Alanna: My First Feminist Fantasy Hero

Since this is my first post, I’m going to write about my first memorable and shaping encounter with a female character in a fantasy novel. When I found Alanna: The First Adventure in my school library, I was eleven. Alanna, the main character in Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness quartet, is ten. She wants […]

My OTP Is All I Need! Tee Hee!

I don’t know what it is, but romance novels fascinate me.  Every few months I’ll head to the used book store and trade some in to find more, taking far too long to make my decisions due to *cough* having to read the end of each book to make sure the female main character isn’t […]

Recommended Reading – Daughters of Earth

We don’t really do book reviews here at THL – our focus is more on film and television (with occasional side trips into video games and various kinds of print media, but I didn’t say it was a hard focus!), and our style is more criticsm than review. But I read a book recently that […]

Blossoming Love?

One afternoon last week I went to my mother’s house to pick something up. I had a little extra time and I was really tired, so I stretched out on the couch with a book of mine that is still on her shelves, a young adult romance I had loved in my teens. I was […]

Back to the Basics

I’ve been re-reading the Mode series by Piers Anthony and I came upon an interesting stereotype I had to mention.   In Fractal Mode, the group of main characters come to a foreign land where men dominate through strong magic that none of the women possess.   They keep their reign through brute force, bullying, […]