The Price of Vanity

I’ve read Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery twice, and seen the Reece Witherspoon movie once (movie pretty poor adaptation, but as a gusty, flawed heroine, Witherspoon is exactly as I imagined Becky to be), and though it didn’t resonate with me the same way Gone With the Wind/Scarlett did, Becky Sharp remains to me […]

Virginia Andrews’s Madonna/Whore Complex

As a teenager, I loved to read Virginia Andrews’ books. She was tawdry and trashy, with incest, back-stabbing and promiscuity being her tools of the trade. Recently I’ve been rereading them, and something struck me. Virginia Andrews seems to have had some pretty intense Mummy issues. (Before I go on, I’ll point out that Andrews […]

A (Anti) Heroine I Can Root For

I’m currently reading Gone With the Wind for the 1038th time, and it really struck me how remarkably self-preserving the anti-heroine, Scarlett, is. She’s grown up in fabulous wealth but when bad times come, she rolls with the punches. When Atlanta is being evacuated ‘coz the Yankees are coming, she drives a wagon full of […]

A Romance or a Reiteration of Women’s Role?

I get in these moods every so often for a good smut book.   You know, otherwise known as a romance novel.   I’m rather picky when it comes to my selections, but I thought I had found the perfect book when I saw the cover of a woman dressed in knight’s mail.  I mean, […]