A Game of Questions with Beth Bernobich

Queen's Hunt will be released in 2011

Beth Bernobich just came out with Passion Play, a romantic fantasy about politics, power, and reincarnation. Here, she talks about writing techniques, feminism, and emotional growth. What authors do you consider yourself working in conversation with? (Here, I’m trying to get a sense of your authorial genealogy) The three authors I’d name are Jane Austen, […]

Quick! Put Some Breasts On That!

My name is Leigh and I love comic books, so much so that I’ve decided it’s the industry for me. I currently manage a comic book shop. It’s not rocket science, I’m not curing cancer, but between my growing responsibilities, and a colorful cast of customers and coworkers, things certainly aren’t boring. Recently, I’ve been […]

Reviews in Brief — The King’s Last Song, Passion Play, Lady Lazarus

First up: The King’s Last Song intertwines the story of Jayavarman VII, a 12th century Cambodian ruler, with the tale of the theft of his last work, an autobiography written on golden leaves. This is a beautiful, painful reflection on colonialism, the impact of war, and history. Unfortunately, very few of the characters achieve the […]

Battle of the Zombie Anthologies

Short stories about zombies/survivors get right to the point, they don’t dally (if it’s written well) and the writer has fewer chances to screw things up. The Living Dead anthology (1 & 2) are both excellent, and editor John Joseph Adams manages to do what some other anthology editors don’t do: he infuses his anthology with tons of stories written […]

Under a Velvet Cloak — Piers Anthony

Dear Piers — We were really close once — I read all your books. Literally. Race Against Time (with its problematic racial politics), Ghost Ship (….with its problematic racial politics), Tatham Mound (with its problematic racial politics…), the Geodyssey series (with its problematic… gender? politics (yay?)), the Xanth series (with its problematic gender politics), Virtual […]