Meg Medina — Milagros: The Girl From Away

Milagros: Girl from Away reminds you from the get go that, even in their own stories, Latinos are from “away.” Heh. Anyways, Milagros is from Las Brises, a super-small and super-secret island in the Caribbean, where it’s so peaceful and awesome that Spanish colonizers just rolled up on it and did their thing without pesky slaves […]

The Reapers are the Angels-Alden Bell [spoilers]

The Reapers Are the Angels: A Novel is a new book on the zombie apocalypse horizon. Like Carrie Ryan’s series, it’s based some years after the undead have eaten most of the rest of humanity. In The Reapers, it’s twenty-years after. There are survivors. One of them is a young woman who calls herself Temple […]

The War After Armageddon — Ralph Peters

Oh noeeeeeeeeez the terrorists nuked LA! Now the US has embarked on a war of despair in the Middle East, in a 21st century version of the Crusades. There are concentration camps for Muslims and Arabs in Europe, and internment camps for them in the US. The US has opened its borders to moderate Muslim […]

Mummies, Zombies, Ghosts & Romance (ohmy!)

 Three book reviews here, in no particular order. All of them incorporate romance and the supernatural and/or modern scientific monsters. Immortal by Gillian Shields- This is a YA supernatural romance in the gothic tradition. Evie Johnson’s mother is dead, her grandmother is in a nursing home, and she’s been handed over to a boarding school because […]

Philippa Gregory’s ‘A Respectable Trade’

A Respectable Trade is, IMHO, Philippa Gregory’s most confrontational book. I wouldn’t say her best-written book, but definitely her most uncomfortably thought-provoking, even beating out the incest-and-rape storyline of Wideacre’s sequel, The Favoured Child. I’ll given Gregory credit where credit is due; for her failings as a writer, she has always had a knack for […]

Brandy Purdy – The Boleyn Wife

Brandy Purdy, author of The Boleyn Wife, has a rather appropriate first name; after a hundred pages of her take on history, I wondered if she had consumed a hell of a lot of it while writing the book.  After a hundred and fifty I wanted some. It’s not so much historical fiction but fiction […]

The Women of Harry Potter

In anticipation of the last Harry Potter movie’s release, I have been rereading the books. While they are quite strongly male, there is a decent collection of female characters scattered throughout the books, none of whom I would mind having with me in a fight (except Bellatrix LeStrange). I’ve given a summary of these woman, […]