You can direct when he’s done

“I want to direct an episode! I actually asked at the beginning of season three, at the same time as Michael did [Shanks went on to direct Double Jeopardy] and for whatever reason [mimes her lack of penis with her wiggling finger]…I can’t say that. I’d be so fired…! I’m sure that my lack of […]

Flirting for Promotions

Studies and demographic information leave me skeptical for the same reason: the entire outcome can be determined by just how you phrase the question. That said, there’s a thought-provoking study from Tulane University that suggests flirtation in the workplace holds women back instead of getting them promoted. I’ll be very curious to see if TV […]

Android Chick, You’re a Better Woman Than I

Here’s a relief for those of us struggling to be better, more satisfying women: the BBC is reporting that some guy in Japan has created a really realistic android named Repliee Q1Expo. Apparently, she’s already captured the most important aspects of a live human female: the ability to “flutter her eyelids” and sit. She can […]

Homosociality – how’s that working out for ya?

There’s an episode of The Simpsons in which Marge is trying to subtly clue Homer in to the fact that his new bestest buddy in the world is gay. She tries a number of euphemisms, including, “He prefers the company of men”. Homer replies: “Who doesn’t?” Yep, that’s, uh… that’s about it. For years, I’ve […]

A little writing lesson for the boys at Stargate

This may sound odd, but I’ve been watching Alias on DVD, and I think I know now why the character of Sam Carter got decimated on Stargate. Maybe it’s not misogyny: maybe it’s just an extreme failure to understand character, and why you can’t simply transpose a character dynamic from one show to another. Before […]