Why Nudity Doesn’t Bother Me

Am I missing something? When I first decided to re-watch Xena recently, I looked around the web a bit for other people’s opinions on the show. One complaint that kept coming up was: too much nudity. Costumes shrinking as time went by. More and more exposed female skin, pandering to the objectification of women. I […]

I Don’t Do Drama

You may have noticed that I don’t talk about many straight drama films or shows. This is simply because my taste runs toward sci-fi, action and comedy. I’ll watch anything that’s good, but I have noticed over the years that everything I love tends to be classified as something other than plain drama. Last week, […]

Women don’t go see movies

There’s a long-held assumption in Hollywood that women just don’t go to movies as often as men, so why bother trying to figure out what they want and make movies that fit? They won’t pay to see them anyway! And they believe it like zealots. I once spent ninety minutes trying to explain to a […]

Whiny Naggy Wife Stereotype

I’ve been too busy to write much the past few days, but here’s a little something to stew over for the weekend (holiday weekend for some of us). I was just thinking the other day how, whenever I watch JFK, I’ve learned to just fast-forward through Sissy Spacek’s scenes. In the beginning, she’s not so […]

Maybe it’s a Northwest thing

Guess who this TV character is? (Hint: show filmed on the northern west coast of North America, the cold rainy nasty bits) She’s a pilot. She wears her hair military short. All her boyfriends have died. In the first season, she’s tough, opinionated, and not in need of a man. She develops a certain “unresolved […]