Obligatory Sex/Nudity scenes

This isn’t strictly a woman’s issue, but it definitely affects female actors more than male. It’s the dogmatically held belief in Hollywood that you have to put a sex/nudity scene in any movie not specifically intended for kids under 13. It can be between minor characters, even throwaways – doesn’t matter, so long as the […]

A new male perspective?

A friend tipped me off to this article. Cherry Potter of The Guardian, website companion to the British newspaper, reports that the Oscar results this year indicate “a new phase in gender relations”. It’s not that women are more evenly represented among nominees – they’re not. The overwhelming majority of writers, directors and producers – […]

Maybe guys want to be super women

I was watching an episode of Stargate SG-1 over the weekend – one back when Sam was still self-sufficient instead of a walking bag of neediness. In my head, I was contrasting it with how she becomes later, constantly needing someone to prop her up and hold her while she sobs. And I was also […]

Women Identifying with Lead Males

From comments to the post “Do Audiences Want Female Leads?”, some very interesting issues have come up, and I’m going to post in more detail about a couple of them over the next few days. The first is from Revena’s comment: Our culture is constructed with a “male lense” of perception, meaning that even women […]

Do Audiences Want Female Leads?

Ten years ago, I had a debate with a friend who worked in the film industry. I was complaining that we still didn’t have female leads in film, even though it looked like TV was starting to warm up slightly, with shows like Xena and Buffy that absolutely depended on female leads, and the X-Files […]

Misogyny disguised as Grrl Power?

When filmmakers put together a woman who seems realistic on the surface, but careful probing reveals all the same old stereotypes and perpetuated myths, is it a sinister plot to show women badly, or are the filmmakers just that confused about writing for women? Revena gave an excellent analysis of G.I. Jane, in which she […]

A man without a woman is like a fish without water

The assumption we generally make is that reducing female character to nothing but love interests objectifies women. But I’m going to tackle this issue from the other side, and ask what it says about men. If a man has an exciting fulfilling life, running around catching spies or diffusing bombs, or winning on Wall Street […]