Do men see women differently…

…and is that part of the problem when they write female characters badly? I’m going to tell you at the start that my answer is “no”. But I think the question had to be asked, after I gave some more thought to the Are We Jeaolus? topic raised the other day. I got to thinking […]

Discussion question – When you see stereotypes

Imagine you’re watching a TV show or film. A male character runs to his car as he’s being pursued by someone or something. As soon as he reaches the car, he drops his keys, and the time he spends scrabbling around for them gives whatever was chasing him time to catch up. Do you think: […]

Are we jealous?

This was originally posted by Nialla at a Stargate forum, and I’m reposting it here with her permission. I’ve edited some Stargate-specific bits from it, because it’s very relevant to the issue of how females are portrayed in sci-fi, generally. In another forum (general Sci Fi, not SG only) a few months back, I complained […]

Confessions of a Fiction Writer

When I issue a challenge, I make sure I’m prepared to meet it myself. The challenge this blog presents is: write quality women characters already. It’s not that difficult. And here’s my confession: I do find it somewhat difficult. I’m female. I’m a writer. I believe that when you get right down to it, there […]

Delta Burke

I started to put this under “Women in Comedy”, because originally it was going to be about how Delta Burke left Designing Women. But once I did some research, I realized it wasn’t really a portrayal issue – it was a behind-the-scenes issue, and there’s a lot more to this woman than TV. Delta Burke […]

the Hathor legacy

Then she laughed with joy, and her laughter was like the roar of a lioness hungry for the kill. Thinking that it was indeed blood, she stooped and drank. Again and yet again she drank, laughing with delight; and the strength of the beer mounted to her brain, so that she could no longer slay. […]