Quick Example: The Value of Humanisation

So during the Q&A part of Orphan Black’s Comic-Con panel, a girl called Taylor stood up and demonstrated in epic fashion why it really matters whether characters of marginalised identities are represented and humanised: Both transcript and video (Taylor’s bit starts at about 1 minute 50). I was going to try and say something to […]

Orphan Black and Sisterhood

To reiterate the summary in my previous post: Orphan Black is the story of a group of women – all played by Tatiana Maslany in truly astonishing feat of acting – who discover they’re the subjects of an experiment in human cloning. It’s the story of their search for their origins, their developing relationships with […]

Orphan Black and the Female Body

[Full dislosure – this has been edited a little since I first posted it – partly to clean up some turns of phrase, and also to correct my omission of the dance party] I imagine most people reading will already know what Orphan Black is… The story of a group of women – all played […]

I’m not playing games

I’m not a game player. If I say something, it’s because I mean it. Sometimes I don’t communicate perfectly, just like you and everyone else. But I was talking to someone recently about how when men speak, people tend to take them at face value, but when women speak people often routinely read into it […]

io9: Hey Star Wars — Where the Hell Are the Women?

There really isn’t anything I can think of to add to this excellent article by io9: Hey Star Wars — Where the Hell Are the Women? other than to say that it is disturbing that in the realms of fantasy and science fiction, so many authors chose to follow mainstream stereotypes when they can literally […]