Talking about Consent

You know that it’s bad sign about a series when the answer to the question ‘you know that really rapey episode’ is: ‘which one?’ We’ve discussed Star Trek: Voyager on this site before, and have basically come to the conclusion that yes, they did some things right, but booooy did they get stuff horribly wrong […]

Florida cop buys groceries for shoplifter

A woman was caught at a Publix in Florida trying to sneak out with $300 worth of groceries. Officer Vicki Thomas talked to her, found no major charges in her criminal history, believed her when she said her boyfriend had recently lost her job and her children had no food at all, and gave her […]

The “What’s Your Excuse” Mommy picture


The following is not new, but I only recently saw it for the first time. The left picture was posted by the woman in it, Maria Kang, who claims she had three kids in three years and looks slim and toned. It asks, “What’s your excuse?” The one on the right was posted in response […]

Unpaid interns have no rights against sexual harassment

I don’t really have any commentary to add here, but many of you may be affected by this. Apparently in most states in the US, unpaid interns have no legal protection against sexual harassment because they’re not considered actual employees. How convenient for predators, especially in this economy. This is just wrong. I can’t imagine […]

Miley Cyrus shows her true colors

Miley Cyrus responded to Sinnead O’Connor’s open letter by taking a good bit of time to make fun of her and compare her to Amanda Bynes and cyberbully them both, and then announce she “didn’t have time” to write an open letter back because she was preparing to perform on Saturday Night Live. Immature, tasteless, […]

Sinead’s letter to Miley

Sinead O’Connor recently wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus because Cyrus cited her video for “Nothing Compares 2 U” as an influence. It’s an interesting letter for a number of reasons, and I’m sharing parts of it here because it hits on topics we’ve discussed before, which can always use further discussion. It is […]