Rogue: S1 E2 — “Cathy’s Song”

Cathy continues to Lady Macbeth it up, goading Alec to kill his cat’s paws who firebombed the Chinese restaurant. They might’ve accidentally incited a gang war with the Lee Brothers, who are the biggest and strongest of the Chinese gangs. Meanwhile, Jackie continues pushing Bald Cop to get his life, and crashes the apartment he’s […]

Sometimes bad people do good things

Margaret Thatcher has died, and the world is suddenly just a little bit lighter, sweeter and more beautiful. Thatcher once said, “There is no such thing as society”, and people claiming that in context this wasn’t intended as Ayn Rand philosophy just don’t understand Ayn Rand philosophy. Perhaps the best way to remember Thatcher is […]

Rogue: S1, E1/E2: “Aquarium/Fireball”

Rogue features that time-honored premise. 1. A good cop-turned-cynic who plays by his own rules accidentally brings his work home. 2. Dead daughter. 3. VENGEANCE!!!! 4. Mayhem, boundary-blurring between good and bad guys, cop earns reluctant admiration of by-the-rules superiors, etc etc. Normally, this formula is deeply tied up into narratives masculinity and statehood. The […]

The US Supreme Court on Prop 8 and DOMA

The L.A. Times is reporting that it looks like the Supreme Court will lift the ban on same sex couples receiving federal benefits reserved for married couples. This would mean that same sex couples who have legally married in a state that allows them to would be able to get survivor Social Security benefits and […]