Azeroth, Part Deux: A Jig Versus a Jiggle

Awhile back, I received a comment by Hegar on my World of Warcraft (WoW) post about, in many cases, males looking far less attractive than females in the game.  He added to my thoughts by pointing out a very good observation about the differences between dances of the two sexes. After viewing a sample of […]

Easy Mode Is For Girls

I’ve been dabbling with the original Resident Evil Playstation game. You get to choose between two characters and there are three modes you can select from (easy, normal, hard). Starting out with Jill Valentine, I didn’t notice anything to raise an eyebrow at with the game when it came to the sexes. I mean, the […]

Poker: Woman’s Dabble, Man’s World

1The World Poker Tour is well known for showing the best of the best at the final table – no matter the gender. But those representing a piece of their image has an entirely different view. In Idaho, there is an organization called Win a Free Seat, Inc. Different pubs, bars, and restaurants become sponsors […]

Azeroth – Males Still Aren’t Pretty.

While making alts (alternative characters) on World of Warcraft (WoW) with my male roommate, an interesting thing was said that made me pause for a second. We were going to make Night Elves. When we entered the game and tried to look for each other, I found that he had decided to make a female […]