Into the Woods: The Agony of Rapunzel’s Prince

I just saw┬áInto the Woods. I’ve loved the musical for ages, and have been agonizing about its transition to screen. Fortunately, I think the changes from stage to screen have nicely updated some aspects of the original I struggled with. The movie cuts out a couple songs intrinsic to the plot of the original musical. […]

Spoiler-Free Reviews: The Avengers

I went to see The Avengers yesterday! And, okay, you know how I’m usually Ms. Betty Buzzkill when it comes to SF/F, right? With my Critical Thinking Cap on and everything? And how I don’t like Joss Whedon, because his character-writing is formulaic, and he has significant issues writing women, PoC, and queer characters? And […]

The Academy: old white dudes

Finally, here’s a study to document what we all kind of suspected: the Oscar Academy is a bunch of old white dudes. According to a study conducted by The Los Angeles Times, the Academy, which boasts 5,765 members, is 94 percent Caucasian and 77 percent male. Only 14 percent of the Academy is younger than […]

Dress for Success – Does it Work for Women in Movies?

Everyone knows that men do better at the box office. It might even be true. Of course, men typically get bigger budgets, and budget is the single biggest predictor of success. But what if part of the problem is that female characters aren’t being taken seriously enough? Last year Jennifer Kesler suggested that female action […]

Open Thread: Sigourney Weaver’s Aliens costume choice

A friend sent me a quote from a recent edition of Entertainment Weekly, wherein they’ve reunited the cast of Aliens for interviews and photos: The 62-year-old actress still scoffs at how the costume designers tried to dress her in a light blue shirt with pink embroidery. Fortunately, she uncovered a closet full of old NASA […]

Why Captain America is Better than X-Men: First Class and Thor

Let me first go on the record to state that this is obviously going to be an opinion piece– I’m going to do my best to back up what I’m saying with what I’ve observed, but, in the end, whether or not something can be objectively quantified as “good” doesn’t necessarily have any real bearing […]

Made in Dagenham

In 1968, Ford Motors employed around 40,000 British in their UK factories, including one in Dagenham (Essex). Apparently, while General Motors tried to work with unions, Ford constantly looked for skeezy ways to pay workers less, and this led to strikes in which the men would stop work for a day and so on, shutting […]