Quick Thoughts on Thor

I just got back from seeing Thor in 3D, and I have many thoughts. Only a few of them are fully-formed enough to share right now, but maybe I’ll be able to go into more depth later. In the meantime… One, why did I think it would be awesome if there were more 3D movies? […]

Rango-open thread

Impressions of Rango (nonspoilery) I just saw Rango on Saturday with my two kids. It’s a long film, almost a full two hours. It stars Johnny Depp’s voice as Rango, the titular chameleon of the film, and several other well known talents, including Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Ned Beatty, and others. Check out […]

Sucker Punch (Spoilers Ahoy)

This Saturday, two of Hathor’s finest took a break from nerding it up at book stores to see Sucker Punch!, which is about a young woman’s experiences in a mental hospital. Basically, Babydoll defends herself and her sister against sexual abuse from their stepfather. The sister dies, and Babydoll is placed in an insane asylum, where […]

Pride and Possession: Magic Flowers, Hair, and Women (and the Kidnappers Who “Love” Them)

A short while ago, I was having a discussion with a close friend about stepmothers. Fictional Stepmothers, you see, the Villainesses (or at least Obstructions) to the goals/life/happiness of their adopted children. We were hard-pressed to think of any female-centric, female protagonist fiction, with a stepmother, that didn’t present that stepmother’s motivations as a) related […]

A Thursday Interruption: I am totally still recovering, peeps!

YOU GUYS I’m still all giddy from getting married like 3 weeks ago. I know that’s old news in internet time, but seriously? I’m still celebrating. IN MY HEART. Oh, Katy Perry. Why are your songs so much better when they’re covered? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps2OKAORrUM Let’s end on a beautiful downer of poem. “Take me home afterwards, […]


Burlesque is rather hit-and-miss in regards to decent women characters. Though to be fair, the ‘misses’ are largely to do with the cardboard-cutout characters and a storyline that was ripped of Coyote Ugly (which was hardly original itself). Basically, Ali (Christina Aguilera) comes from Small Town, Iowa, to Los Angeles. She wants to be a […]