Strictly Ballroom

A recent discussion about the fact it’s far more acceptable to have a much younger/better looking woman paired with a much older/unattractive man than the reverse had me racking my brains for an example of a better looking man being paired with a less attractive woman. I had to go back nearly twenty years, and […]

The King’s Speech

I’m a fan of both Helena Bonham-Carter and Geoffrey Rush, so as you can imagine, I just about wet my pants to learn they were doing a movie together, The King’s Speech. (Colin Firth? Who’s he?) It’s a good thing I didn’t know what an amazing performance Bonham-Carter gives as Queen Consort Elizabeth (mother to […]

Black Swan

Natalie Portman in her costume for the Black Swan YOU GUYS, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis took a risk and hit that shit out of the fucking park. Wow. I’ve never seen a movie with such visceral acting, such an honest portrayal of dysfunctional family dynamics, and that was so. fucking. creepy. Basically, Nina Sayers (Portman) has been working with her ballet company […]

The Last Racebender

I’ve linked to Racebending before, in my, uh, only other article up so far, referencing how rarely Native actors portray themselves in popular media, and how that widens the disparity between the mass-consumed pop-cultural “knowledge” and appropriation of Native peoples and their history versus the realities of those peoples, cultures, history, and, often, awareness of […]

Two and a Half Men

I’m idly curious as to whether or not there’s a more offensive show on television than Two and a Half Men. (At least on free-too-air Australian TV – but then, we have plenty of our own crap.) It offends many groups – men, women, ex-wives, their new husbands, fathers, mothers, their offspring, oh, and alcoholics. […]

The sassy girl next door in Easy A

Easy A is a comedy about a teenage girl (Olive Penderghast) who lies to her best friend about having sex (because her friend wouldn’t stop hassling her) and becomes the school slut overnight, thanks to gossip travelling the social networking grapevine. She decides to have fun with her new notoriety and dress up as a […]

The warrior women of Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment of the Resident Evil franchise. I haven’t seen the first three so I can’t comment on them, but the fourth one is basically a video game, only it’s a movie. Lots of action, not exactly deep. At this point it has been four years since the Umbrella Corporation […]