Dirty Redskin Devils

Not pictured: shoes.

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to Disney. I think it would be difficult to have been a child of my generation and not been, considering I spent all of my pre-adolescent years in the company’s “Renaissance” period. For every year of my childhood, from my toddler years well into my early […]


Trigger warning: story includes rape (offscreen) and forgiveness. Incendies is a Quebec film, in French and Arabic with subtitles, that has only recently been released in Quebec after playing at TIFF and the Venice International Film Festival. It has already been selected as Canada’s entry for next year’s Foreign Language Oscar, so hopefully it will […]

Tomorrow, When the War Began – The Movie

I was pleased that the film adaptation of John Marsden’s YA novel Tomorrow, When the War Began was quite faithful to the book. What I liked. The visuals of film actually do more justice to Ellie If-It-Has-Wheels-I-Can-Drive-It Linton than the book. (Vehicles driven: tractor, 4WD, motorbike, garbage truck and fuel tanker.) Likewise, when Ellie and […]

Salt: About that Hand-Wringing (SPOILER WARNING)

Jennifer Kesler has written already about the new Angelina Jolie film, Salt, and the fear expressed by the filmmakers that having a male love interest rescued by a female lead is too castrating to his character. She quotes: In the end, Salt’s husband, played by German actor August Diehl (‘Inglourious Basterds’), was made tough enough […]

L.A. Times on men on Eat Pray Love

The new Julia Roberts movie, Eat Pray Love, came out this weekend. While it’s largely getting not-so-good reviews, Patrick Goldstein of the L.A. Times asks “What does this say about U.S. manhood: Male critics actually like ‘Eat Pray Love’: In short, once you factor in that the guys outnumber the women in the critical trade, […]

Inception, or, Leo angsts about family and chicks.

Visually, Inception was spectacular. I want to say that straight out. In terms of plot? It is all right — the twist at the end’s predictable if you’re at all into SF, but it’s still a satisfying conclusion, and offers enough brain-teasers and world-building to satisfy my nerdy sweet-tooth. I’ll do my best to limit […]

Underbelly: The Golden Mile

Note: Kim Hollingsworth, John Ibrihim, etc., are real people who are still alive. I have no idea how realistic their portrayal in Underbelly: The Golden Mile is; this critique is of the way people and events were portrayed in the show and in no way is intended to reflect on any real people. While we […]