Salt- a short movie review


Salt stars Angelina Jolie. I hardly knew what this film was about until a few days ago! But I am glad I found out about it. Some of you might remember my review of The Long Kiss Goodnight, which starred Geena Davis as a kick-butt assassin who finds her inner maternal side without sacrificing her […]

Despicable Me(ovie)

One of the more popular movies out right now (it’s the summer of 2010, July) is Despicable Me. Spoilers coming up in the article and no doubtedly in the comments (if there are any). So, you have your warning. Despicable Me is about a Villian in an alternate CGI world. Unfortunately, he’s being one-upped by […]

Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2, like its film and television predecessors, is problematic. On the one hand, you have a story that centers around four successful career women, all over forty, only one of whom – Kirsten Davis – possibly fits the incredibly narrow standards of beauty applied to women. And you have Samantha (Kim […]

It’s okay to be misogynistic when criticizing a bad movie about women

Maria recently linked to an excellent negative review of Sex and the City 2 which thoroughly takes apart the movie’s offensively ignorant spin on Muslim culture and accurately refers to the four stars as “mock feminists.” But as Melissa Silverstein points out, many reviews of SATC2 have engaged in misogyny to make the same (or […]

Why I liked Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

It’s not because I’m in India, and very few English-speaking films of any merit are released here. It’s not because I’ve played the game, ’cause I never have. It’s not because the special effects were very nicely done and not over-wrought. It’s not because of Jake Gyllenhaal (although, he in no way, shape, or form […]

Clash of the Titans: Epic Fail

I recently went to watch Clash of the Titans in 3D. In addition to the epic fail of the 3D format (it barely looked 3D, and the moments that could have been amazing in 3D–such as Pegasus flying towards the screen, or the Kraken thrashing about–were flat and uninspiring), the movie itself was an abysmal […]

Alice in Wonderland

Alice-In-Wonderland-Theatrical-Poster I really loved this movie. I just tried to persuade my housemate to go see it with me — this would be my second time, and her first. Basically, Alice is nearing 20 and is going to what’s secretly an engagement party to the somewhat annoying young Lord Hamish. As she’s wandering the grounds, […]