Saving the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s Women’s Studies Dissertation Fellowship Program

This petition needs less than 300 signatures in order to hit its goal! Basically, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation has cut its women’s studies fellowship because of budgetary reasons. From their statement: We are sorry to have to report that, as a consequence of the larger economic downturn, the endowment for the Women’s Studies Dissertation Fellowship […]

Battle for Dream Island!!


My kids get almost all of their entertainment from the Internet — and it’s fun to see the variety of things they find!  Probably the most charming made-for-YouTube show they’ve discovered is Battle for Dream Island.  BfDI is a reality show (sort-of — it’s a cartoon) where twenty contestants have been competing for the past […]

Midweek Media: Sexualized Little Girls, Take Two

In May of last year, Jenn made a post talking about a YouTube video of some children dancing to the recent hit “Single Ladies.” (The above link features a bunch of kids dancing in tap pants and sports-bra-like tops. It’s a clever routine — they keep the Fosse influences pretty obvious, and the opening pose directly […]

Julia Roberts is almost cute enough for the media, but not quite

Pretty Woman poster featuring Julia Roberts' head on someone else's body

Remember that really creepy Lancome foundation ad where Julia Roberts’ face had been airbrushed until she looked ghostly and unlike herself? The UK has banned it (along with a similar ad featuring Christy Turlington wearing a Maybelline foundation). The government over there has this interesting idea that airbrushing the hell out of a photograph intended […]

Midweek Media: Coming Home

So for those of you not in the US, the US military has handled LGB service people with an OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD what do I dooooo? kind of approach. This was popularly known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” or DADT. Here‘s a brief timeline of this policy. This policy was […]

Thank Phil Noto!


So the other day a couple pieces of art circulated. They’re by Greg Horn. They’re…less than flattering.                       Yep. That happened. So wonderful Phil Noto, as a gift to Gail Simone and Marjorie Liu drew this: So thanks, Phil Noto! It’s nice to know that […]