Joss Whedon’s latest project, developed during the writers’ strike, was an internet-based musical starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day, aired in three acts over the past week. Spoilers for all three acts follow, if you haven’t seen it.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

The picture shows a woman, seated, back arched and head thrown back as if laughing – although her head above the chin is cut off, as if to say that who she is doesn’t matter; her near leg is raised provocatively. It’s not a seated pose; it’s not a comfortable pose. It is, in fact, […]

Let’s talk about Love

Lately, Jennifer Love Hewitt has had to deal with paparazzi photos taken of her on the beach in a bikini. Personal potshots about how she should exercise more, how she’s so huge and fat and gross how dare she walk confidently anywhere in bikini…nothing, it seems, is off limits. Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m […]

Anthem: a second look at “Voices Carry”

I only learned about the original version of “Voices Carry” by ‘Til Tuesday when I was in the process of writing an article praising the video for an uncompromising glimpse into abuse by a good-looking, together-looking, charming “nice guy.” The first version of the song, as I noted in the article, used the pronoun “she” […]