Like Anything But a Virgin

As far as being a singer goes, Madonna is nothing special. She has a mediocre voice and is a terrible actress. Her main talents lie in being a shrewd businesswoman, envelope-pusher and groundbreaker. Kind of like Prince. In fact, Prince is an excellent figure to compare her to. Both have mediocre vocal talents (Prince is […]

Did the Washington Post Lie?

You may or may not be familiar with the original story the Washington Post ran, stating that the federal government had come out with a new guideline advising women to think of themselves as pre-pregnant at all times: that means, live their entire menstrual lives as if they were pregnant, just in case, so any […]

Tabloid Fodder

Last week in a tutorial we were discussing the role of the tabloid media, and how ultimately, if the public are so willing to pay to read about the private lives of celebrities, then who are the public to condemn the tabloid press for invading the private lives of celebrities? The gist of the argument […]


I was watching the video clip for the Sugarbabes’s song Ugly yesterday. The song is about childhood insecurities – not being pretty/thin/tall/blond enough – and ultimately growing into and being true to yourself. The clip features dozens of people showing off their various talents – fire-twirling, weight-lifting, ballroom-dancing. And not one of them is what […]

Well, spank me rosy!

I happened up on this news blurb: A saleswoman who was spanked in front of her co-workers as part of what her employer said was a camaraderie-building exercise sat quietly in a courtroom Wednesday as lawyers gave closing arguments at her civil trial. So…. if I understand the situation even a little bit, the plaintiff […]

In His Shoes

Recently, there’s been some discussion about sexist ads by companies like Guess Jeans and Kraft promoting shitty products and appealing to people with low self-esteem because no-one with a good sense of self would buy a crappy brand-name, especially not one that shamelessly objectifies people (usually women). There’s a men’s shoe company, Windsor Smith, which […]

Human Song

Rocker/rapper Ani DiFranco wrote a song called Sister Song which is about seeing women less as a/sexual beings and more as human beings. I first heard it as a Sarah McLachlan/Paula Cole cover, but I immediately recognised it as a DiFranco song, because if anyone’s a humanist, then she is. DiFranco has her fair share […]