Guess Jeans – the harem ad format

I should take my digital camera to Beverly Hills and snap some photos of typical Guess? billboards so you can see what I mean, but I can’t be bothered. Please enjoy my verbal description instead: every Guess billboard (with the exception of the Paris Hilton ones) contains several women and one lucky man. The staging […]

Pink gets it

A friend of mine tipped me off to the latest Pink video “Stupid Girls”, which you can watch at YouTube. There’s a great review of it on VH1’s site. Basically, Pink is making fun of the whole obsession Hollywood starlets have with… well, themselves. The plastic surgery, the barfing to stay trim, the self-involvement that […]

Scorned Santa sharpens his claws – meowr!

I’ve been reading Maureen Dowd’s new book Are Men Necessary? at Redbyrd’s suggestion, and she points out that tearful, emotional pleas and hell-hath-no-fury catfighting sure aren’t reserved for women anymore: from athletes to politicians to evangelists, men are sobbing and bitching their way through their careers nowadays, especially when they’re in the spotlight. Guess it’s […]

Dear LifetimeTV…

Dear LifetimeTV, I thought after all these years, you might want to know why I don’t watch your programming. I have two X chromosomes and everything, yet I resist. You must be curious. Here’s a great example: Beach Girls. That image I’ve been seeing all over town on billboards does not make me want to […]