See, this is why gender essentialism is essentially sexist

Reader Audra submitted this article, Confessions of a Young Anti-Feminist, by Josephine Asher. I’ve long maintained that sexist arguments are rarely rational, and usually represent intellects that are more privileged than trained, but rarely have I seen an article do a better job of inadvertently making the argument for me. Asher’s failure to separate rationalized […]

A Thursday Interruption: Cooooooooold!

I’m feeling a little melancholy, y’all. It’s that time of year. First up’s “Sometimes it Snows in April,” Prince’s 1986 mourning for those lost to friends, family, and lovers as a result of the AIDS epidemic, which I think had only been recently named as the cause for so many deaths. “I dreamt I […]

Gamer culture in a coffee shop

A couple of weeks ago, a woman shared a rather awful story on self.Reddit, entitled “How easy it isĀ  to make a woman feel like sh*t.” In it, she describes being in line at a coffee shop when a conventionally cute young woman asks if she can cut in front of her because her boyfriend […]

A Thursday Interruption: Pervy Monks

We begin the day with some pervy monks. The woman singing with them, Violet, is Sarah Brightman’s sister. Lolene’s “Rich” is kind of my personal anthem right now. Hello, credit card debt, how are youth this holiday season? :sweatdrop: Kissy Asplund’s “Fuss N Fight” is understated and lovely. And now let’s conclude with a kick-ass […]

A Thursday Interruption: This the end of your life… :creepy voice:

THIS JUST IN: GIRL TALK’S NEW MASHUP IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Vids the First? We got Girl in a Coma, Dar Williams, and, uh, Tamara Wellons, with a kick-ass cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Ohhhhhhhhhh, this song made me cry! This one just made me dance :). “Belgrade Riddim” features some kick-ass percussion […]

A Thursday Interruption: Imogean Heap, David Bowie, Martina Topley Bird

First up, we got Imogean Heap rocking it with “Earth.” I secretly really like her, even though I have a problem with whispy voiced singers. Lyrically, this song makes me think of Alanis, who, you know, RULES. Next, David motherfuckin’ Bowie, Hogwarts alum and the Goblin King. <3 LET’S DANCE. Martina Topley-Bird is fantastic at […]

Should male feminists mention their gender?

A guy on Reddit Feminisms has raised an interesting question: As a feminist man on reddit, I’m compelled when confronting male, sexist redditors to say I’m a straight man, hoping my words won’t be “written off” as self-interested. Is this legitimate sharing of privilege, or propogation of patriarchy? When you argue a feminist/womanist perspective, some […]