Miranda on not fitting in with the attractive set

Paraphrasing because I just saw it and haven’t had a chance to watch it back. Miranda Hart, as her sitcom character Miranda in the eponymous series said: Women who look like me don’t get any messages that we’re attractive. So it might take us a little longer to feel like we are. I can’t even […]

The Joe Boxer Kerfuffle

It seems I’m back in the commercial swing of things, at least temporarily. Don’t expect anything too deep – RL is still a bear and an energy drain like whoa (but not in an entirely bad way) – but rather expect little toe-dips into the water. I recently saw this commercial and despite myself, I […]

GoldieBlox and the Two Beasties

So, I saw this today because apparently the surviving members of The Beastie Boys are protesting the use of their song. Which I suppose is their right, right? I happen to think they’re coming off as a bit … cranky (not my first choice of words) about something that turns a lyrically horrible song into […]

Talking about Consent

You know that it’s bad sign about a series when the answer to the question ‘you know that really rapey episode’ is: ‘which one?’ We’ve discussed Star Trek: Voyager on this site before, and have basically come to the conclusion that yes, they did some things right, but booooy did they get stuff horribly wrong […]

Avon: Lipstick Equals Instant Self Esteem?

Okay, while I do think that makeup can make a person feel better about oneself – and I’m not denigrating the use of it at all – there is something about this commercial that just sets me on edge. Is it the idea that the implication is that the only reason this woman feel pretty […]

Reaction: Supernatural (8×07-9)

I have kind of only been watching Supernatural with half an eye lately. Last week’s made me laugh out loud in spots and there are aspects of the show that have improved since the season opener. Still not fond of how colorful and softly lit Sam’s flashbacks are. Still fond of all the flashbacks, full […]