Reaction: Supernatural (7×19)

Son of a goat, I had a whole post written and WordPress logged me out without my consent, and before a draft was saved. *weeps* I’ll sum up, because it’s late and I’m tired and whatnot. 1) Annie, a newly made up old hunter friend, calls the boys and we find out (hahaha, brace yourselves, […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×18)

Honestly, this one dragged a little for me and I had to watch it twice just because I kept falling asleep last night. This, I think, actually has more to do with a long week than Fringe itself. Because lots of stuff happened in this episode. I’m not going to do a blow by blow, […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×17)

Oh, Lincoln. I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. I knew the second Agent Lee volunteered to go to the other side in Astrid’s place that he wouldn’t come back. I also knew early on something would happen to Captain Lee to make that a smoother transition. The paralleling between case of […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×16)

Ah, I appreciate that they don’t just let Olivia carry on with work. A nice, realistic touch having her go through psych evals and not actually passing, because, yeah, she’s clearly compromised as far as this timeline knows. However, I sat there thinking, “So she doesn’t remember personal details, does that really have anything to […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×18)

Of all the characters to bring back, they bring back … Garth. At least we know they didn’t just ditch Castiel in the psych ward, but I would have sworn Meg applying for a job was supposed to be some secretive plot of hers. Clearly not. My guess is she’ll keep the boys in the […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×15)

I knew it. Also, this song got stuck in my head at some point during this episode. Note: the artist attributed is not correct at all. I thought this was a decent episode. A weeee bit cheesy with the case being all about love, true love, and this is coming from a total Olivia/Peter shipper. […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×17)

Well, that was … Actually, there was a lot, lot, lot of decent stuff in this episode, leaving aside a return to the usual wholesale butchery of the unfortunate people demons possessed. They might not blink anymore when stabbing a person to death, but I still do. One point on this – what, Dean carries […]