Reaction: Supernatural (7×11)

Completely and totally unrelated to Supernatural, but it’s my least favorite time of the year: Special K Ad Inundation Time with a side of Annoying Truvia Commercials. So, I might be cranky because of that, that’s all. Oh, and because they killed Bobby Fucking Singer last time I saw this show. That might have something […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×07)

I can’t believe this is the last Fringe episode until January. What, am I the only person in the world whose life is so sad she enjoys new shows during the holiday season? Anna Torv did a great job with “migraine face” in the beginning. She looks exactly how I feel, and it always amazes […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×09)

Oooh, a Supernatural MotW episode, or at least as close to one as we’ve had in years, until it wasn’t. I spent a lot of time wincing and trying not to throw up. Eating noises, as I’ve said before, gross me out way more than cat heads pulled out of stomachs. It’s a quirk, but […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×06)

You’re a stranger. What would I feel? GAH. GAAAAAHHH. Fringe, you kill me every week. The main case/story was a tad cliched, but tried and true for tugging at the heartstrings. You know, Person A loses Person B to debilitating illness and does anything in his/her power to fix it. I credit Stephen Root and […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×08)

Are all five of us ready for some Supernatural? 😉 *bites lip and refrains from expressing thoughts about tonight’s episode title* Season 7, Time for a Wedding! *continues to bite lip bloody* “Funny” Supernatural episodes usually take me a few views to enjoy. Plus, the inclusion of Becky in the Then segment started the alarm […]

Underbelly: Razor

Sydney underworld figure Tilly Devine right with her former rival Kate Leigh.

I wrote a while back that while I really enjoyed the strong, pivotal female characters in Undebelly: The Golden Mile, I was disappointed that all the female characters were either victims of crime or crusaders against it, as if women have never been in the thick of the crime. Where were the corrupt cops? The […]