Cordelia: Why I Stopped Watching Angel

Recently a friend of mine mentioned that she was watching Buffy and Angel on DVD, and liking Angel better. I remembered that I had quit watching Angel in disgust sometime during the first season, but couldn’t recall exactly why. Then I remembered: they screwed Cordelia up, bigtime. I loved Cordelia on Buffy. She was such […]

Claudia Black on Stargate

Somehow, Stargate SG-1 is not only alive for a ninth season, but kicking ass in the ratings, despite the loss of Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) and the temporary loss of Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter). The producers, who have been suffering from a tragic case of “We assume this will be the last season?” for […]

Response to “I Don’t Do Drama”

REDBYRD wrote such an interesting response to I Don’t Do Drama that I decided to post it as its own article rather than a comment: I don’t watch much drama either. Frankly I’ve long since given up on getting good female characters. I’d settle for just getting decent *stories*. Nearly everything I watch is the […]

Gabrielle Got Interesting?

A strange thing happened in the fifth season of Xena Warrior Princess: the secondary lead, Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), was suddenly allowed to develop into an interesting character. For the three seasons, her idealistic notions and occasional egotism caused situations that Xena had to fix, and yet we were constantly told, via Xena’s dialog, that Gabrielle […]

Heather Locklear Can’t Get a Man

Here’s an example of something we’ve been discussing in the forum. Finding the perfect man for Heather Locklear has always been a problem. Her husband and the boys from “Wayne’s World” aside, what man in his right mind would give her a second glance? Come on, show of hands. Let’s see, every American male between […]