“Baby, if you ever wondered…” WKRP: Mrs. Carlson

Welcome to the final installation in my WKRP series, which started with Jennifer Marlowe and continued with Bailey Quarters: Mrs. Carlson, played by Carol Bruce. Mrs. Carlson owed a conglomerate of companies, of which WKRP was only a floundering part. She was ruthless and tyrannical. Almost everyone was afraid of her – even those who […]

“Baby, if you ever wondered…” WKRP: Bailey Quarters

Yesterday I wrote about Jennifer Marlowe (Loni Anderson) from WKRP, the woman who used charm and beauty to get what she wanted. Today I’m continuing with Bailey Quarters, the woman who uses her brains. Bailey had a well-earned degree in journalism, and she was stuck working for a complete fool (Les Nessman, played by Richard […]

Lovesick Guys

On-screen pining isn’t just for female characters: male characters also fall for females so hard they can barely think straight. So why is it we women generally take more offense when women are shown this way? Example time: how about John Crichton from Farscape? And for an example that’s known to more people, Ross from […]

Jessica Lynch: a Character in Her Own Life

A brief recap for those who don’t remember: Private Lynch, a 19-year-old army clerk from Palestine, West Virginia, was captured when her company took a wrong turning just outside Nasiriya and was ambushed. From: the BBC coverage that told the truth. Remember now? Cute little blond girl who valiantly fought the savage Iraqis, not wanting […]

Wheels on Fire

Absolutely Fabulous is hard to explain. It shows a lot better than it tells. But I’ll give it a shot. It’s a British comedy show that’s off and on for over a decade, starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. It’s not really designed for audiences outside the UK – it’s too unapologetically British, peppered with […]