Sam Carter’s Breasts

Stargate SG-1 fans have a few complaints about the presentation of Samantha Carter in later episodes. Some of the issues are nebulous – for example, is her love/lust/crush for her commanding officer demeaning to women, or realistic for a woman competing in a man’s world? Is the way she treated her boyfriend/fiance in the last […]

Joanna Lumley – Role after Role

One of the less common answers to the question, “Who’s your favorite actress?” is probably “Joanna Lumley.” In fact, in the U.S., the follow-up question is likely to be, “Who?” She’s one of those actresses you know you’ve seen in something. She impressed me when I first saw her as Patsy Stone in the British […]

Sam Carter, Stargate SG-1

Not sure where to start on this character, and she may later have a full section of her own. Unlike a lot of others, she’s an ongoing controversy, as she’s on a currently airing show. I should probably start with the general weakening of her character over the past few seasons, but it’s such an […]

Cathy Gale, Emma Peel, and… Samantha Carter

Yes, only I would think to compare and contrast these three characters. 😀 If you don’t know, let me explain who we’re talking about. Cathy Gale was the original female lead from the British hit action series The Avengers. Many people don’t even seem to be aware there was a character that Emma Peel replaced, […]