Choose Your Female Posse

We all know that all women are bitches who will screw each other over for their own gain – especially when men are involved. They steal each other’s boyfriends and husbands, undermine careers, sabotage weddings. Yeah, right. So this week’s challenge: choose three girlfriends, the kind you know will always have your back (rather than stab it with a knife), will bail you out of jail (or be in the cell with you, laughing about what great fun you had), will encourage you to succeed (even when your success surpasses her own), is the first one you think of when you fancy some company. Because she’s so fun and loyal (more so than any of the men you know).

The rules: While we’re going to gravitate towards women who demonstrate loyalty, support and interest towards other women, no using characters where the  friendship is central to the story. For example, I like Sydney’s friendship with Francie and then Nadia in Alias, but the show was hardly Syd and her Gal Pals. But the whole point of Sex and the City (and no, we are not going to debate the quality of their ‘friendship’ here) was the women’s evolving friendship. I have better things to do than sit here and judge everyone’s contribution, but try and stick to the spirit of the rule, please :p

My picks:

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. For all her supposed dottiness (which I always thought was more whimsy than anything) she’s sweet and loyal, and everytime I take one of those ‘which HP personalities are you?’ quizzes, I get Luna. We’d get along great.

Corinna Chapman from Kerry Greenwood’s series. Yes, her primary relationships are with Daniel and Jason, but I always felt she was the hub of that apartment block for her easygoing personality, generosity and complete lack of anomosity towards anyone (at least, no-one who didn’t thoroughly deserve it). Plus, she’d always have a plate full of yummy bakery items.

Brittany Pierce from Glee. It’s been pointed out that of all the Cheerios, she’s just too stupid to be mean, but I’ve always thought she’s smarter than she’s given credit for, and far and away the sweetest person in the Glee club.

Your picks?


  1. eldritchMortician says

    I’m going to go with:

    Utena, from Shojo Kakumei Utena. She’s unshakably loyal to her friends, and will fight for them no matter what, including going toe to toe with the Kendo captain to defend her best friend in the very first episode. She’s afraid of nothing, and will never abandon a friend no matter what.

    Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m only up to season 4, but Willow is so far very kind, very intelligent, very sweet, and has a lot more iron in her than she gives herself credit for. No matter what’s going on, I feel like she’d have my back.

    Daria Morgandorffer, from Daria. She had the usual teenage ups and downs, but she’s a great one for standing up for herself, and her friends. And we could be snarky together. :)

  2. Saira Ali says

    Astrid from Fringe because she’s smart and has this awesome dry sense of humor and is compassionate. And yes, her primary on-screen friendship is with Walter, but you get glimpses of the same compassion in her scenes with Olivia and especially in the ep. with alt-Astrid.

    Cordelia from Bujold’s Vorkosiverse because she is down to earth and no-nonsense and will call you on your bullshit, but she’ll also kick ass on your behalf.

    Emma from Once Upon a Time because, like my other picks, she’s tough and will call her friends on their bullshit, but she’ll also have your back no matter what. I adore her friendship with Mary Margeret, and her deep compassion for the people she helps, like the Cinderella alter ego and the Hansel & Gretel alter egos.

  3. says

    Dinah Lance / Black Canary. She knows who her she-peeps are, and she will stick by every single one of her friends, from the girl worked in her flower shop through her BFF Oracle all the way up to Wonder Woman herself.

    Alex Goncharova (The Red Star) A no-nonsense, insanely loyal kick ass lady who puts her life at risk over and over again for her trusted friends.

    Gytha Ogg (Discworld) She will always always call you on your bullcrap, and will stand in your corner with her sleeves rolled to her elbows full of your bullcrap if she needs to be. And no one knows more dirty songs than she does.

  4. Cassandra Davis says

    Fawn Bluefield, from Sharing Knife. Because she’s totally all this. Loyal and encouraging and helping people who need it, as well as very bright and with an incredible amount of resoluteness, and at the same time she knows her own boundaries and such.

    Katara, from Avatar the Last Airbender, because again, definitely loyal, helps her friends through everything. Also, she’d got good examples of resolving conflict that does come up, and dealing with it, which is important. Being a good friend ≠ not ever having problems.

    I’d really like to put Sandy from The Magic Circle, but I think that’s too ‘the friendship is the whole point’, so,

    Keladry of Mindelen, from Protector of the Small- she definitely has her friends’ backs, both physically coming to their rescue when needed, and giving advice and support, as well as encouraging people to become better in non ‘holier-than-thou’ ways.

  5. M.C. says

    1. Kenzi from Lost Girl. Because for her bff she’s willing to take on an entire army of dark fae. And she makes her bff coffee and wakes her with ice cream and texts her “love you like a sister” when she’s out of town with her boyfriend… And there is simply not enough space in this post to describe what a perfect bff Kenzi is.

    2. & 3. Any or all McLeod daughters: Claire, Tess, Jodi, Grace, Regan and Jaz. Or any of their friends: Stevie, Kate, Becky, Moira,…
    Uhm, maybe if I could just live at Drover’s Run? That would be great!

  6. Maartje says

    First up a shout out to my aweome real friends Anja and Evelien. Let me describe how awesome:
    Anja: No I wouldn’t help you hide the (hypothetical) body because then I would be helping you ruin your life, you would never sleep easy again if you knew it could all be over just like that. I’d help you find a good lawyer and hold your hand as you turn yourself in instead.

    Arisawa Tatsuki (Bleach) because even after being the bestest friend of the main character and one of the gang’s, she get’s ignored, abandoned and lied to by them. Girl deserves better and I can’t wait to have a force of nature like her in my corner.

    Moya (Farscape) because she cares and sees to everyone’s needs and I want to make sure her (and her pilot’s) needs are met as well.

    Chris (Pacific Blue) because her friendship with Cory was the most beautiful and natural relationship on that show. She gives when you need and she asks when she needs. Also, very protective.

  7. says

    Poison Ivy from the Batman Dini/Timmverse– she sticks by Harley like whoa, even at her most broke-down, losing it over “Mistah J,” too broke to even feed Bud and Lou. And the two as a pair happen to be wayyy more successful than the Joker on his own (in TAS, anyway)! Consider the lesbian subtext a bonus.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’s Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino– because sometimes, you need your friend to design elaborate hijinks to save you from a parental kidnapping (and make you deal with your feelings with said hijinks), bake you a cake, and punch dudes in tuxedos in the name of friendship.

    And Molly Grue! In the most abstract stretch of this possible, being as how the last unicorn’s/Amalthea’s humanness/femaleness is kind of a complicated thing. But Molly’s tough and smart and, considering the TLU ‘verse and her canon backstory as explicitly stated and hinted at, really well-adjusted, without even getting into the pressures of guiding a centuries-old immortal being through the struggles of mortality and womanhood under the watchful eye and iron thumb of King Haggard, who also wants to imprison her in the ocean, and doing it gracefully and with wit and humor.

  8. says

    Martha Jones from Doctor Who. The woman has laid down her life for her friends multiple times, walked the earth for a year to save humanity, and then, most impressive of all, she walked away from the entirety of time and space because her family needed her at home. When the cards are down, she’s there. No matter what.

    Ella of Frell, from Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine (book version). When her curse forces her to betray a friend, she sets out on a quest to find a way to break it. She never had the courage before, not even when her wicked stepmother was abusing her, but her friend’s pain was her breaking point.

    Elena Michaels from The Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong. She doesn’t always know how to be a friend due to an abusive childhood, a dysfunctional first love, and a difficult “medical condition” all isolating her for the first 30 years of her life. But she tries harder. And if you have a body that needs hiding, she’ll have that taken care of within the hour and teach you how to kill without making such a huge mess next time. (I did mention her dysfunctional family life, didn’t I?)

  9. goshawk says

    Esmay Suiza, from Elizabeth Moon’s post-Serrano series (I don’t know if there’s a collective series name). She’s a competent, tough, career-focused military woman, so I know she won’t think I’m weird for being the same – and we’ll have lots in common to talk about. She’s also socially awkward and from a society with restrained politeness I can relate to (Canuck, natch), and loyal and caring toward the few close friends she makes. I think we’d get on great.

    Keladry of Mindelan, from Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small series. She’s a competent, tough…wait, yeah, I’m detecting a theme. =P I think Beka’s probably my fave series of Pierce’s, but Kel’s the character I most understand and like.

    Tiffany Aching, from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. She’s smart, tough, and has a good sense of humour (and a lot of common sense). She’s a total geek and a know-it-all in the sense that she knows a lot of things, and likes to share them (also to correct your grammar). I mean, she’s a witch. I think she’d drive me crazy and that we’d get on exactly like a house on fire: people running and screaming, and a great big bonfire to dance around and make s’mores.

  10. says

    I’m trying hard to mention only people who haven’t been mentioned before, so my apologies to all the wonderful women I’m skipping over, but I am quite happy with this posse:

    Jennifer Marlowe from WKRP. Despite how radically different they are, she was always fiercely supportive of and loyal to Bailey. The name thing might get a little confusing, but still.

    Inara from Firefly. She’s really a lot like Jennifer Marlowe – glamorous and great at handling difficult people, and a great friend to women who couldn’t be less like her. Also, if anybody could get me out of jail, it’d be Inara.

    Helen from DaVinci’s Inquest. She really comes through in a pinch. And when asked if she was popular in high school, she replied thoughtfully, “I was popular with myself.”

  11. SunlessNick says

    I can’t answer this one, obviously, but it did make me think of another possible column: characters you want to support (have their back, remind them they’re awesome, because no-bloody-one else is doing it; people like Tara from True Blood, say).

  12. Lika says

    As someone who loves loyalty as a theme (Watership Down was my favourite book), I absolutely love this meme <3 Okay, here are my three choices.

    Gabrielle from Xena – fiercely loyal, protective (in a "you matter to me" way, not in a controlling way) caring, and always able to rise about the fights and misunderstanding she had with Xena (at least until season 5 where I am right now.)

    Molly Hooper from Sherlock – She defined the term "got your back" to me in Fall Of Reichenbach. Better still, she did in a way that actually humbled arrogance.

    Pat Neil from Peking Opera Blues – I also wanted to pick Sheung Hung since both she and Pat Neil risked their lives to save their friends from some very dangerous and violent corrupt officials, and that was unexpected for Sheung Hung who originally came off as caring for only money and herself. But Pat Neil gets the third spot by a sliver because throughout the movie, she was willing to tell things like they were, and was tenacious as anything.

  13. says

    Team Kouldelka from Bujold’s Vorkosigan books. They’re tall, they’re blonde, they’ve been trained to kick butt from their mother, former Imperial Bodyguard to Empress Kareen. They’re also intensely practical; if they can survive Miles, a mere apocalypse is nothing.

  14. Nina says

    I’m late to the party, but…

    Katherine Talbot of Ellen Kushner’s “Privilege of the Sword” – loyal and unshakeable in her commitment to helping her friends, women and men.

    Keladry of Mindelan, for all the reasons mentioned by others above.

    Fawn Bluefield – practical and down to earth, and fierce and loyal as well.

    Shout-outs to Gytha Ogg, Esme Weatherwax, Betriz dy Ferrej, and Cordelia Vorkosigan, too.

  15. says

    Tracy Turnblad – Hairspray, the musical version – where she stands up for her friends and is willing to go to jail for what is right.

    Dimple Lala – from Born Confused – because she is a really loyal friend and has great interests.

    Susan Sto Helit – from Discworld – because she is the bomb. And she would be a great person to have around if I had kids.

    A Shout Out goes to Nanny Ogg who has already been mentioned, I agree wholeheartedly with what Debi Linton said:

    Debi Linton:

    Gytha Ogg (Discworld) She will always always call you on your bullcrap, and will stand in your corner with her sleeves rolled to her elbows full of your bullcrap if she needs to be. And no one knows more dirty songs than she does.

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