Choose Your Four Quizmates

OK, so you’re going to a quiz night and you have to choose four women to form a kick-ass team to win with. This is a bit different from the past Choose Your Companions challenges, because you don’t have to particularly like these women. They can be absolutely loathesome – have Bellatrix LeStrange, if you can justify her – if they can bring to the table a worthy field of knowledge (or knows how to cheat and get away with it).

And the reason for four instead of three? Carnegies – the pub in Perth, not the music hall in New York – has a table limit of five at its quiz nights. Hence, you and four quizmates.

My picks:

Rachel Berry from Glee. Normally, I wouldn’t so much cross the road to avoid her as detour two suburbs, but man, would she own the music round.

Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan from Bones. The woman is rarely at a loss for an answer.

Amy Farrah-Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. Because she possibly knows more even than Bones. And she doesn’t drink, so she can be our sober sister. (Though it’s debatable that she drives…)

Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind. She’s smart, loves to win and isn’t above cheating if the odds are good that she can get away with it. I’m sure it wouldn’t take us long to teach her how to use Google and a smart phone…


  1. says

    Barbara Gordon / Oracle: Eidetic memory: The woman knows everything.

    Sophie Devereaux (Leverage) Not only are her grifting skills going to be useful when we need to cheat, but if there’s a round about chocolate, she’ll walk it.

    Hermione Granger – You never know when you’re going to need someone who’s memorised the contents of Hogwarts: A History

    Jess Bhamra (Bend It Like Beckham) Because you know there’s going to be a sports round, and I’m not going to do any good in it.

  2. The Other Anne says

    Abby from National Treasure.

    Jessica from Suits.

    Chuck from Pushing Daisies.

    Fred from Angel.

    I would be the TV/Movies wiz. 😀 So I’ve got history, law, generalized, and science pretty well covered. They don’t show how smart Chuck would be in the show as much as they should but she did spend twenty years of her life shut in and reading whole roomfulls of books!

  3. says

    Marian from Robin of Sherwood. She’s extremely creative and quick-thinking.

    I’m going to have to re-use Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. If she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find it on her laptop. Don’t ask how.

    River from Firefly. Yeah, I know, on a rough day she may get distracted. But when she’s focused, her mind-reading abilities would come in tres useful.

    Liz Shaw from Doctor Who. She’s the companion who was only on very briefly because they decided she was too smart and replaced her with a stick of bubble gum.

  4. SunlessNick says

    1. Helen Magnus from Sanctuary. For the science round of one comes up, the history round otherwise.

    2. The Pythia – specifically the Pythia from Alayna Williams’s Dark Oracle. She knows scads about scads – have to when running an international conspiracy – and can see the future (since the consensus seems to be not to balk at cheating :) ). For the history or politics rounds, because one or both of those will come up.

    3. Dottie Hinson from a League of their Own, because Debi Linton’s right, there will be a sports round.

    4. Angela Montenegro from Bones. If there’s an art/culture round, she’ll ace it, she’s used to translating pop-culture references for Brennan, so she’ll ace that round, and she’d be a dark horse contender in a science/technology round too.

    This was a wierdly hard one.

  5. Cassandra Davis says

    Nadia Diamondstein from View From Saturday, because she actually won one of these (well, an Academic Bowl, anyway), so she’s got a lot of useful knowledge.

    Jane, from the sequels to Ender’s Game. OK, probably not fair to choose someone from books I never finished reading, but she’s a galactic-wide computer network, so I want her anyway.

    Serena Killingsworth, from Daughters of the Moon. I read these books in middle school, and they’re not particularly my thing, but she’s a mind reader of a very practical kind- she can literally go into people’s minds and look at and find things. Which would be useful.

    Rachel Elizabeth Dare, from Percy Jackson. Because she’s the Oracle of Delphi.

  6. Maartje says

    Abby from NCIS (cheerleader AND big brain in one!)
    Maura Isles from Rizzoli and Isles (suffers from google-mouth)
    Granny Weatherwax (even if she doesn’t give the right answer, chances are we’ll still get the points)
    Carter from Stargate (big brain and when convinced can probably re-wire the buzzers so ours always go off first, the scoreboards to always show us winning and she can hack into the questions and answers beforehand or even during the game)

    Yes, my A-plan involves cheating. I am a bad bad person 😉

  7. M.C. says

    1. Martha Jones from Doctor Who for biology and medicine.

    2. Kim Yoon Hee from Sungkyungkwan Scandal for literature and philosophy.

    3. Ellie Arroway from Contact for mathematics and physics.

    4. Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill for sports.

    I think that should cover most questions – I’ll be the history nerd.

  8. SunlessNick says

    Yes, my A-plan involves cheating. I am a bad bad person

    So far, The Other Anne and M.C. are the only ones who haven’t cheated. We’re a right den of sin this week.

  9. The Other Anne says

    Cassandra Davis,

    I haven’t read them (Ender’s series) since I was about 14 but I remember liking Jane’s storyline the whole way through, and her plus a few plottwistspoilerpeople are what made the last two books interesting. Other than that, it bothered me to no end that EVERY planet in that universe is basically codified by religion, and none of them seen to be atheists. It’s like OSC took for granted that EVERYONE was religious in some way. Oh, crap, now I’m going to rant about OSC for forever. Urgh.

    (I think Jane’s a good choice, and I thought of using her, but decided I’d just rage at her about OSC the whole time instead of focusing on the trivia so it would be counter-productive.)

  10. Cassandra Davis says

    The Other Anne,

    Well, the Speaker for the Dead thing is more of a philosophy than a religion, and certainly isn’t theistic. It’s somewhat secular humanist, even, recognizing someone’s life in it’s entirety. But I see what you mean.

  11. says

    1) Lisbeth Salander–math. Plus, I’m certain she could hack all the answers with a decent smartphone. Or terrify the host into giving them to her.

    2) Thursday Next. As long as we all know what universe we’re in, of course.

    3) Mavis Freestone. She’d definitely cover all the music, even the stuff that isn’t out yet.

    4) Mary Russell. Just in case they throw some Greek and Hebrew at us.

    Me? History, and sports (especially my beloved Red Sox).

  12. Anna M says

    Willow Rosenberg from Buffy-knows computers and science.
    Hermione Granger from Harry Potter-smart about many things.
    Barbara Gordon as Oracle from Dc comics-librarian turned computer expert who must know stuff about martial arts too.
    Kate Beckett from Castel-appears to know stuff about sports as well as crime solving.

  13. Dominique says

    Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympian. Smart girl who definitely covers Greek mythology and architecture if it comes up, plus fans might recall how well she did on the sphinx’s test in, I believe it was, TBotL.

    Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist. She’s a librarian/bookworm who remembers everything she reads. Hopefully we have some prep time in this universe for her to catch up.

    Alice Cullen from Twilight. Though what I really enjoy about the series is making fun of it, she’ll have pop culture, fashion, and any history she’s lived through in the bag. And that’s not to mention seeing the future or going through high school so many times with a perfect memory.

    Cammie Morgan from Gallagher Girls. With the rigorous training and extensive education spies get she could probably answer most of the questions, but if not she could use the other part of her spy training.

    And me. I guess I won’t do much, but if a horticultural question comes up, especially focusing on bonsai or herbs, I’ll be all over it.

  14. The Other Anne says


    Oooooh, Sheska! Nice pick! Sheska is a spectacular character. I love her. Haha, the best librarians get fired for reading too much.

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