Choose Your Mentors

Thanks to Sunless Nick for this one!

OK, so this week’s theme is mentors. Which three women would you choose to mentor you, who would be happy in your success, even if you eclipse them?

My picks:

Phryne Fisher. She wants to see women ahead, and I’m sure that’s even if they get ahead of herself. Hell, she’s a 1920’s woman with a 70’s mindset, surely she would love to see a a protege of hers reach a 2030 mindset?

Sam Carter from Stargate:SG1. Because whatever problems the show had, Carter was intelligent, ambitious and was aware of the feminist divide.  And really, the stuff she knew, who WOULDN’T want to learn?

Jackie Collins’ Lucky Santangelo. She’s had half a a dozen professions, excelled from them all. She wants to see women succeed. I generally don’t like Collins, find her too gorgeous-heroine for my liking, and Lucky is definitely in the category of ‘achieved ridiculous amounts’… but I still like her no-bullshit approach to life.

Your picks?


  1. Gabriella says


    Pssst…. it’s generally a ‘women in fiction’ series, though I’ve been meaning to do a ‘real life’ piece. I’ve always wanted to know what would happen if you got Germaine Greer, Gloria Steinem and Zelda D’Aprano together :p

  2. SunlessNick says

    Sarah Jane Smith. Not that she really likes being a mentor, but she’s so damn good at it. [Just reminded myself that Elizabeth Sladen is dead, though]

    Blast from the past: Ruby from the original V miniseries. Even Michael Ironside’s character respects her.

    Rose from Lost.

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