Choose Your New World Scientists

OK, guys,

Now we have the issue of food sorted, we need women who will document the history and culture of our New World. Who do you pick?

My choices:

1. Dr. Temperence ‘Bones’ Brennan. Because that women can work out anything from a pile of, well, bones. She’ll cover the anthropological side of things.

2. Colonel Samantha Carter from Stargate: SG1. Is there any alien technology she hasn’t managed to reverse-engineer? (Ok, there were a few… but she had far more hits than misses.) She’ll be the scientist.

3. Nina Wilde from Andy McDermott’s series. She’s an archaeologist who discovered, among other things, Atlantis and the tomb of Hercules.  She’s totes the historian of the group.

Your picks? (Note, you don’t have to follow the same field of interest as I did. You don’t even need  fields of interest. I just liked how the first three that came to mind all had distinct specialties.)


  1. SunlessNick says

    Helen Magnus from Sanctuary. She’s a genius with electronics and chemistry, way past the point of genius when it comes to anything biological. And is no mean organiser, administrator, and chronicler.

    Mm, Carter being picked already stalls me slightly.

    Helen Rossi from Elizabeth Kostova’s the Historian. She can turn being a historian into a vampire hunting skill, so there’s probably little else she couldn’t do with it.

  2. Katie says

    I forget her name, I’ll have to look it up, but that female geneticist from the book Dragon’s Dawn. She takes a native species of the planet and engineers it up to a sentient race that’s symbiotic to humanity AND looks like dragons. That kind of skill can come in very handy.

    Agatha Heterodyne, from the webcomic Girl Genius. Sure, she’s more properly an engineer rather than a scientist, but she’s a hard worker, a mad scientist, and generally made of awesome.

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