Choose Your Night on the Town Gal Pals

OK, this week’s challenge: you’ve had a tough week/month/year. You want a night out on the town, going absolutely wild, possibly involving jail at some point. Which three fictional woman would you want to make it a night of unforgettable fun?

My picks:

Charlotte Beaumont from All Saints. Early-season Charlotte, that was (circa season 6) – before they made her a frazzled single mum. Many of Charlotte’s stories tend to begin with ‘when I was in Turkey/Thailand/Melbourne’ and end with ‘and that’s how I wound up married/in jail/Sydney’… and she makes it sound like such fun.

Mother from Matthew¬†Reilly’s¬†books. Because she quite literally has a hollow leg – a prosthetic following hand-to-hand combat with a killer whale (Mother: 1; whale: 0) can get out of almost any sticky situation (eh, what’s the West Australian Police Department/a gang of drunk teenagers going to do against a woman who’s bested most of the world’s terrorist organisations and, oh yeah, a killer whale?) and though it doesn’t really get illustrated in the books, I got the impression she has a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude and seriously knows how to party in her downtime. I reckon she could drink her own volume in straight spirits while telling the most amusing stories. And getting us out of sticky situations. In fact, come to think of it, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mother and Charlotte hooked up at some point in our drunken shenanegins. Mother seems very fluid about these things, and since this is Charlotte when she was still cool and fun, it’s also Charlotte when she was still a lesbian.

Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica series. I know, I know, Starbuck has a destructive streak about the same size as the Galactica, but she can also party until dawn and then only stop because she’s quite literally drunk her cohorts under the table. And given those cohorts would include Mother and Charlotte, dawn, what’s dawn?

Your picks?

(Of course, your night out doesn’t have to involve alcohol… just that mine does. And lots of it. And since this is fictional, bring on the expensive Belgium beer by the crate, please…)


  1. says

    Ari from Shana Swendson’s Enchanted, Inc series because she would know all the hottest places to go and get us in with magic if needed.

    Vala Mal Doran from SG1 because I’m pretty sure she would know how to party all night.

    Dimple Lala from Born Confused because she knows all the hottest people (because she’s nice) and DJs, would take great pictures and will still be around for a chat after a long night of dancing while the other two return to their nefarious activities!

  2. Nina says

    Charlie Gale of Tanya Huff’s “Enchantment Emporium” and “The Wild Ways.” She is a musician and a Gale, so things will tend to go her way, and she is one of those whose stories always seem to end in wild shenanigans. Definitely good for blowing off steam!

    Tananda from Robert Asprin’s Myth books – she knows all the right people and all the right places and can take us across dimensions, vastly increasing our options of towns on which to have a night out.

    Sergeant Taura from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan books – she is a genetic mod with a shortened lifespan, so she is determined to work hard and play hard. Plus, she’s good to have around in case of bar fights and so on.

  3. SunlessNick says

    Hell, Vala’s probably partied all night on planets where the nights last a month. Teach me to hesitate before posting :).


    Coreen Fennel from Blood Ties. I mean it would probably be the last night of my life, because I’d be killed by a monster, which Coreen would then get the rest of the cast to investigate. But I’d have a good time in before then.

    Although, I could add Faith from Buffy, because she knows how to party as well, and she would kill whatever monster shows up. And let’s face it, that’d be a story.

    Finally, in honour of the grotesque amount of Dragon Age I’ve been playing recently, Isabella. A swashbuckler, duelist, and pirate; if there’s trouble, she’ll find a way to get into it.

  4. Beth says

    The first one to come to mind when I read the title was Door from Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” because she would know the best places to go and have no trouble getting everyone there.

    Jilly Coppercorn from Charles de Lint’s Newford universe seems like she’d be able to have a good time and would keep the mood happy throughout the night.

    Farscape’s Chiana would be a really fun, if occasionally, dangerous friend to have along. And I doubt the kind of places Door would be taking us all to would object to a grey-skinned alien coming along.

    I guess all three are kind of manic pixie dream girls, but for this kind of occasion, I think having a posse like that would make for an awesome night.

  5. Anna M says

    Dazzler from Marvel-disco singing superheroine who must be a lot of fun to go on the town with.
    Gabrielle from Xena-a sweet yet fun girl who’d be nice to bring along.
    Death from Sandman-sure she’s death and all but she seems easygoing and she gets the occasional day or night off.

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