Choose Your Three Deserted Island Companions

OK, We had a lot of fun with the choose-your-three-bodyguards post, so I propose a new one:

Choose your three deserted island companions. You can choose them on the basis of their to a rat-like ability to escape anything short of a lead-lined bunker, their scavenger skills, their ability to keep you company, I don’t care. Just give me a good explanation as to why you pick these three women and go for it. Also, once someone has said it, no doubleling.

My pick:

Starbuck from the newest BsG series. Because she would just find a conveniently-located alien spaceship, reverse-engineer it, and fly us home.

Ellie Linton from John Marsden’s Tomorrow series. I know she started off with a lot of supplies and scavenged a lot of the invading army, but still, I’d want her on my side than against it.

Phryhne Fisher, from Kerry Greenwood’s titular series. Because she has escaped from just about anything else the Australian east coast  has to offer, what’s a deserted island to her?

OK, that’s me, what do you reckon?


  1. says

    Cat from Cold Magic by Kate Elliot. Good at thinking on her feet, keeps her head in an emergency, and comes up with unorthodox solutions (half the time they make things worse…but the original problem is solved!).

    Talia from The Stepsister Scheme by Jim C. Hines. A Sleeping Beauty who used her fairy gifts of grace, good dancer, etc. for her ninja training. Whatever plan we came up with, she’d be the one doing and directing the actual work.

    Oa from The Child Goddess by Louise Marley. Oa is a child, but she has been one for several centuries. She and the other child “gods” were abandoned on a deserted island and turned it into their home, so she’d be very useful.

  2. Maartje says

    Claire McLeod from McLeod’s daughters. She is incredibly practical, loyal and hard-working, she always has a plan and works towards it.

    Marguerite Krux from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, a hardened survivor who knows her way around the weirdest situations and who always comes out on top.

    Marie-Claire from Thea Beckman’s ‘triomf van de verschroeide aarde’ trilogy (oh how I wish that and the Thule trilogy were translated into English, they’re great!) she’s plays and sings, is very loving, practical when need be but also a dreamer and though she doesn’t look it, she is tough as nails.

  3. goshawk says

    Yay, more promoting favourite female characters! Definitely a fan of Ellie, and Cat too, looking forward to reading the second book when it comes out in a paperback that matches my copy of the first book. (I may have a thing about matched books for series – I hate it when it’s all MMPB and then one hardcover, or something.) /unrelated

    I think I’ll go with Katara first, from Avatar: the Last Airbender (series NOT movie). Because she’s good and restful company, plus used to living rough, and very resourceful, having grown up in a pre-industrial Inuit-like culture. Also, she’s a powerful Waterbender, which is good for little things (like clean drinking water – nobody likes the runs!) and big things (like bending us home across the ocean when we get bored of our island hangout).

    Next…hmm. Maybe Teyla Emmagen, from Stargate:Atlantis. Once again, great company, and she’d probably get along with Katara well. Also she’s a kick-ass fighter (in case there are bears), and used to both dealing with advanced tech and living without it on a hunter-gatherer level, so she’s pretty much a good woman to have on your shield-arm no matter what you’re facing.

    Last but not least, Ember Dione maMarin, from Tara K. Harper’s Wolfwalker series. Because if you need it climbed, swum, run, kayaked, fought, hunted, or healed, Dion’s your woman. Less restful a personality than Katara and Teyla for sure, but she’s smart and tough as a railway spike.

    Also, I think any of these women might welcome a week on a relaxing tropical island, taking a break from being badass for a while. Especially since with them, there’s never any doubt that we’ll get home whenever the hell we want. Unless we need a side-trip to rescue some oppressed people or hunt down some slavers or something, but that’s the price you pay for being the woman with the mission. =P

  4. says

    Kira Nerys – as a resistance fighter since childhood, she’d know a thing or two about surviving on nothing. Plus, she’s fun.

    Xena, because she knows how to rough it. Also, she tells good stories.

    Janet Fraser from SG-1, because she’s been a field medic and really knows her shit.

  5. M.C. says

    Mara Brennyn from the Green Rider novels. Not only has she been trained in the arts of survival like any Green Rider, but she also has a special magical ability that she can use to start a campfire, warm herself & others or cast fireballs at whoever is trying to kill you, be it a wild animal or some evil dark lord.

    Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Again, she’s a survivor. Knows how to shoot, how to hunt, what to eat and most importantly what not to eat.

    Jacky Faber from the Bloody Jack novels. Because she could build a ship and sail us away from the island. And if we happen to meet some pirates, Jacky would know how to handle them (and probably take over their ship because it’s bigger than ours).

  6. Cassandra Davis says

    Fawn Bluefield, from The Sharing Knife. Because I’d love to meet her (I wanted to suggest her last time, but she’s not a fighter), she has the optimistic pragmatism that would be very handy for morale, and she has practical knowledge like growing food, cooking, and making clothing.

    Princess Addie from The Two Princesses of Bamarre. Because I like her, and she has experience in the ‘you’ve never done this before, and suddenly you have to do dangerous things’ area, which would be helpful for me. Also, she has a magic food-making tablecloth, which would be nice if she’s allowed to bring it.

    Tris Chandler from The Circle of Magic. Because again, I’d like to meet her, and she’s a weather mage, which should be useful while stranded on an island.

  7. SunlessNick says

    Shazza from Pitch Black. Not a main character, but a prospector and mechanic, and willing to take on the film’s memetic badass when she deems it necessary.

    Sun Kwon from Lost. Botanical and medical knowledge.

    Shahrazad, because morale is a big big deal in a situation like that.

    [Can I suggest “solve mysteries with,” “go on a quest with,” and “be in a book club with” for future columns]

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