DJH: Censored PtII

In Censored, three male characters – Joey, Snake and Wheels – take to putting pinups of girls in bikinis in their lockers, and grading the girls of Degrassi as they go by in the halls. Two girls, LD and Alexa, retaliate by putting beefcake pinups in their lockers, and doing the same to the boys. The boys don’t like it any more then the girls did.

The storyline ends with both groups being ratted out, and both of them learning a lesson about objectifying the other sex. To be fair, Joey and co were open-minded enough to realise LD and Alexa had only been doing to them what they’d been doing to the girls in the first place – I’ve met plenty of people who don’t recognise such experiments are designs to make them realise they don’t much like being treated the way the treat others – but it was a simple example which demonstrated that no-one likes to be objectified, and no-one likes to be rated on their looks, as if that’s all they have to offer.

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