Drowning in Negativity

Writing articles for this site has started to depress me. Every time I look around for topics, I find dozens – all negative. All examples of how women are consistently drawn as inconsistent, incompetent, cold, needy… and I’m not talking about shows where the men are written just as poorly. I’m talking about the shows that put boring, dim-witted or clingy women next to men just to make the men look good.

It’s everywhere – not just TV and film. I started reading a book about Nefertiti this weekend, and the book jacket starts out, “Her power was rivaled only by her beauty”. Well, thank god! I was afraid there for a minute she actually had some power. My god, what would we all have done? Just knowing her beauty was still at least as important a part of her gives me some small comfort. I can sleep again.

That’s not enough, though. The guy who wrote the foreward to the book takes great, great pains to make sure we’re all absolutely clear on the fact that the female archeologist who wrote the book specializes in ancient hairdressing and hairstyles. Wigs, what cosmetics were used on hair in what period, what diseases might show traces in the hair under analysis. It’s actually pretty fascinating as a way to date and analyze remains, but somehow from the foreward, you get this image of a salon full of gossiping women in rollers having a surreal conversation about mummies. But I guess that’s better than us getting an image of a woman in a fedora slapping a bullwhip around. Well, okay, archeologists might actually agree there, but dammit, I’d rather people get an image of a female Indiana Jones than a woman standing over a mummy, fluffing its wig and murmuring, “What do you want this time, sweetie? A little off the sides?” And now I just gave myself a vision of “Hairrison” Ford at a hip Beverly Hills salon, lisping to his latest customer over industrial music and trying to give them a trim with a Bowie knife. Oy.

So I sit down today, and I come up with two potential articles to write: “I Hate Lucy” and “24 Sucks Too”. That’s when I realized… maybe I’m a little burned out.

I’m going to hold off on writing for a few days and see if I can find some good examples of something to write about, even if I have to resort to yet another freakin’ Xena article.

You guys (yeah, I mean YOU, sitting there looking over your shoulder and blinking), however, are more than welcome to write anything you want. In fact, it’s encouraged. Rants, positive, whatever.

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