Edgeworks Dance Theater — Community Collaboration and Genderwork

EDGEWORKS Dance Theater
Open Call for Discussion Groups

Are You Interested In Participating In An EDT Project On Gender,
Sexuality, And Spirituality?

EDGEWORKS Dance Theater’s Founder & Artistic Director Helanius J.
Wilkins recently launched the determining factor– a work focused on
gender, sexuality and spirituality; and that will be the result of
community collaboration.

The research and development of this work includes organizing intimate
discussion groups reflecting a diverse cross section of the community.
Men and women, heterosexual, homosexual, and transgendered, married
and single, and of a wide age range, will participate in guided
discussions focused on hopes, dreams, and viewpoints of how the issue
of homosexuality has been and is addressed in America, and their
personal experiences. As a result of partnerships with schools and
faith communities, some of these discussion groups will take place in
these locations.

If you are interested in participating, please call (202) 483-0606 or
send an email to Helanius@hjwEdgeworks.org. Please include your name,
email address, and a phone number where you can be reached. Write in
the subject line: EDT Discussion Group.

All discussion groups will take place in between the months of October
2007 and January 2008.

*** These guided discussion sessions will be documented through audio
and video. While in most cases the video will ONLY be used for
archival purposes and as a reference for Helanius leading up to the
completion of the work, excerpts may be incorporated into the final
video component of the project.
EDGEWORKS Dance Theater
PO Box 73396
Washington, District of Columbia 20056-3396

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