Enchanted, Inc series by Shanna Swendson

C’mon-admit. Everyone likes a break now and then from those hot-and-heavy, sex-laden, deadly-serious Urban Fantasy books, right?

Here’s your perfect relax on the beach or escape the office series. Erroneously labeled as chick lit when it was marketed, this series features Katie Chandler, a small town Texan transplant to the Big City of New York.

All her life, Katie has noticed odd things happening around her. But, because they could be ignored (more or less) in her small town, she thinks that technique will still work in New York. Instead, she sees people with butterfly-style wings, and a lot more than that. The evidence mounts up that New York is a lot weirder than even she imagined!

Then she gets a job offer from Magic, Inc., the Microsoft of the magic world. It’s the perfect release from her current job with a psychotically horrible boss. The main problem is, she has to admit that there is magic in the world, and she’s one of the rare people in the world whom magic does not affect!

Katie has a practical, earthy, smart personality and voice. While she develops a crush on one of the wizards employed by Magic, Inc., and is being pursued by a less charming coworker, there is a LOT more going on than simple romance. There’s magic espionage happening, and a growing threat that her point of view and intelligence manage to help counter-act. She’s not defined by her ability at all, nor does she stay within her defined role within Magic, Inc.

Swendson‘s magical New York and world-weaving hangs together wonderfully and  is a lot of fun.  She writes female characters as real as you can get in a light comedic Urban Fantasy. The series is a rare mix of comedy, magic, humor (there’s a killer joke set-up in the first book that has to do with fairies), deft world-building, unassuming characters–like Egan’s Ivory series, just about everyone in Katie’s world is interesting or has a voice of their own and affects the plot at one level or other as you read through the books.

There’s Enchanted, Inc, Once Upon Stilettos (Katie Chandler, Book 2), Damsel Under Stress (Katie Chandler, Book 3), and Don’t Hex With Texas.  They’re ALL a lot of fun and a great escape from the sturm-und-drang of the usual run of Urban Fantasy. Don’t let the marketing fool you!


  1. Dirce says

    Oh, WOW. I picked up the first book in the series on the 2nd, based on this recommendation; I now own them all. A little bit of light romance, a smidge of work drama, some kooky goings-on and a young woman in the middle of it all, trying to find her place in things. Sans angst. I’m so damn happy right now!

  2. Twinkel says

    Finally someone who noticed that these books are mislabeled. I stumbled on them some years ago (between Damsel Under Stress and Don’t Hex with Texas) and want to recommend them to everyone, especially when you like a funny story full loveable characters and you want something different than dark books about vampires for a change. This books have something for everyone. My sister for example doesn’t like fantasy, but she likes these books anyway, because she does like romance and contemporary books. So just try them!

  3. Maria says

    Isn’t it awesome how the main character is COMPETENT at her job?? I get so over urban fantasy where you have to buy into the idea that the narrator is a duck out of water wherever she goes…

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