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Someone had the TV at my gym tonight set to E! or Entertainment Tonight or something. Howard Stern has given some woman a 5.2 carat ring. Man, they could not emphasize that number enough. They said it repeatedly, then printed it all over the screen in case you missed that.

Valentine’s Day is about romantic love. Romantic love is where some man gives some woman a big huge diamond, and she displays it to all her friends to make them feel worse about themselves. Romantic love has nothing to do with parnership or people loving each other – what, are you a Commie? It’s all about wrecking Africa to get diamonds.

Well, and about on screen kisses and chocolate. I guess if you’re some working class loser, you can get your intended some freakin’ chocolates. But on your salary, your sweetheart will probably be “monstrous” like Rasputia or ugly like Betty. You don’t earn enough for a 90 pound Barbie with Inflat-o-Boobs, so you are doomed to a lifetime of romantic mediocrity. Also, all your male friends will laugh at you.

Yes, this is one long sarcastic vent. And I know V-day isn’t strictly a women’s issue, and yet… it so is. It’s the one time of the year there’s any national dialog about what women want from male romantic partners… and the only answer given is diamonds, and maybe chocolate. Somehow I don’t think women designed this holiday.


  1. Purtek says

    Yeah, the fact that it’s Howard Stern being portrayed as the great, romantic white whale for which we should all be questing really underscores the problems here, for me.

  2. Jennifer Kesler says

    No kidding. The girlfriend said “Every day with Howard is Valentine’s Day” and this was replayed four times that I saw. And I didn’t watch the whole thing.

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