‘Fergilicious’ Means ‘Girl Scouts Are Hot’

Watched the Fergie’s new video clip (for those who don’t know, she’s the female from the Black Eyed Peas) Fergilicious and all I can say is Ugh. Ugh. UGH!

What I can gather from the lyrics, it’s pretty inane stuff – I have such a hot body, all the boys line up for blocks to see me. Typical claptrap from yet another singer/songwriter whose talent at both is questionable. It wouldn’t have bothered me much if it wasn’t for the clip.

In it, she prances around in various ultra-skimpy outfits, showing off that hot body. Yeah, we get that you’re slim and toned, put it away already! But what really got my back up was one of her main costumes – a girl scout uniform.

At least, in resembled a girl scout uniform in the sense that in was brown, with a matching sash and beret. It looked more like a bikini with matching itsy-bitsy pleated skirt. Meant to look like a girl scout uniform, of course.

Fergie would be close to thirty, at least, and here she was, prancing around in a sexy, skimpy uniform connotated with young girls – not even high school, but primary school girls. Is the whole point to say “˜look at me in a girl scout uniform, aren’t I sexy?’

Not so much sexy, IMHO, but creepy. The clip left me with the feeling that she was perpetuating the myth that young girls are sexual beings and should be pursued and seduced. It was in the same vein of the sexy schoolgirl fantasy, and just as unnerving. For a grown woman to dress in a raced-up girl scout costume is insanely irresponsible, IMHO, as well as perpetuating the myth that beauty and sexuality lie in youth.

I don’t know what I found creepier – that Fergie agreed to do it (even if someone else came up with the idea, surely she had enough clout to say “˜I’ll wear something sexy, but not a girl scout uniform’) or that so many men, a friend of mine included, found the whole thing very sexy.

Shame on the lot of you.


  1. MaggieCat says

    I’m going to go with being more creeped out that some men, apparently, find it attractive. I doubt that she was convinced to wear it, the half of what could be a normal shirt thing is something she wears all the time and she seems to have a thing for faux uniforms in general. I could write off some of this if she was extremely talented, but since I’d put her at average ability it just always seems like a stunt.

    I watch a lot of VH1 insomniac music theater, and I’m pretty sure I could actually feel my IQ dropping every time that ‘London Bridge’ song of hers came on. *shudder* And then this one was so much worse.

  2. scarlett says

    Well, the friend I mentioned wanted to download the video in light of two feminists (who were also good friends of his) rubbishing it. I can’t speak for any other men, but I found MY FRIEND’s reaction in particular a bit unnerving. To me, I don’t care how much skin she’s showing, if she’s impersonating a jeuvenille, it’s not sexy. And I know several men who’ve echoed that sentiment – that if you must be overtly sexy, then at least be for your age.

    I don’t think much of Fergie as a performer. I think the fact she managed to come up with lyrics like ‘my lovely lady lumps’ and ‘I go down like London bridge’ speaks volumes about her talent.

    The thing is, I’ve seen VERY envelope-pushing things from Madonna, but I’ve always walked away with a sense that she was trying to tell us something about women and feminism. With Fergie, I get the sense that she doesn’t care, so long as she sells records.

    And I’m sorry if that sounds judgemental, but everyone who buys those records, hangs out to watch her on MTV, and Fergie herself, should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Jennifer Kesler says

    Maartje raises a good question – do men find the skimpy outfit sexy, or are they specifically reacting to the idea that she’s a girl scout, and therefore forbidden fruit? I don’t know, but isn’t the “Catholic schoolgirl uniform” an old chestnut in nude photo spreads, porn movies and prostitution?

    Whether Fergie’s current male audience enjoys the “little girl” motif vs. “just the skin, please”, I don’t know. But the little girl motif has been around, which suggests someone enjoyed it at some point. And it’s pretty disturbing to think about why.

    I don’t recall Madonna ever posing as a little girl, though I’m sure I’ve not seen every picture of her that was ever taken. She was always inventing new characters and imbuing them with her brand of sexiness, so I think she avoided traditional iconic sex imagery that could be purchased at an adult costume store.

    I don’t believe – and I don’t think Scarlett was implying – that men who enjoy, say, their partners dressing up as schoolgirls for sex play are necessarily perverts of any sort. Fantasy is fantasy, when it’s in private between consenting adults. When you do it publicly, however, I do think it sends a message that we’re supposed to find little girls sexy.

  4. Maartje says

    Sexualizing pre-pubescent kids is disgusting and should be against the law. However, I don’t think Fergie’s doing that. Girl scouts and catholic schoolgirls etc have the whole ‘innocent’ vibe going on. What I think Fergie’s going for it this: ‘Oh I should be innocent, I’ll pretend I have no idea I’m sexy but we both know I’m a naughty, sexy woman *wink wink, nudge nudge*’
    To me she’d only be sexualizing kids if she put the kids themselves in the skimpyfied uniforms. ‘Cause in RL the girlscouts look nothing like the perverted version Fergie made of it.

    I don’t think it’s very apropriate attire. I personally just roll my eyes at it because as BetaCandy stated above; it’s just like the catholic schoolgirl uniform. Go find something original that doesn’t rely on using kid’s reputation to sexualize yourself, ’cause that’s stupid.

  5. Jennifer Kesler says

    What I think Fergie’s going for it this: ‘Oh I should be innocent, I’ll pretend I have no idea I’m sexy but we both know I’m a naughty, sexy woman *wink wink, nudge nudge*’

    I agree. BUT I’ve always wondered why anyone finds that appealing. Male sexy figures tend to be either overly flirtatious or totally clueless as to their sex appeal. The idea that something patently innocent is “accidentally on purpose” sending out sex vibes reminds me of only one thing: the pedophile’s claim that the child initiated the sexual “relationship” and/or wanted it. And that makes it a little creepy to me.

  6. Maartje says

    True, being coy and playing hard to get etc are all accepted ways for women to flirt. This must stem from the time that women were supposed to protect their virtue and catch a good husband at the same time.
    The pedophile comparison it creepy yet accurate. I never thought of it that way :S

  7. Jennifer Kesler says

    And I hadn’t thought to compare it with the “time that women were supposed to protect their virtue and catch a good husband at the same time”, but that’s accurate, too. I can’t imagine the difficulty involved in seeming virginal while using your sex appeal to seduce a man not into bed, but into something as complex as marriage.

    I guess however we look at it, it all comes back to the rather bizarre ways in which we’ve expected men and women to function all these years.

  8. Patrick says

    I don’t know about other men, but I find schoolgirl uniforms sexy because of the pleated skirts and knee socks. But then, I also find big fluffy sweaters sexy.

    As the for Girl Scout thing, that’s just… ugh. My mother was a Girl Scout Troop leader. They’re LITTLE GIRLS, for crying out loud. I hated this song enough when I’d only heard it.

  9. says

    Two thoughts here:

    (1) I think the “schoolgirl” or “girl scout” fantasy is not about pre-pubescent schoolgirls, but likely about adolescents.

    (2) Moreover, I don’t think that the adult man is so much picturing his current self with a teenage school girl, but remembering what it was like to lust after them as a teenager himself.

    That is, he is remembering what it was like to look at girls when he was a teenager himself.

  10. scarlett says

    Well I’m going by Australian dress codes, but what she was wearing looked like a BROWNIE uniform, which you leave before you turn 11. After that is girl guides, from abou 11-14, who have a blue uniform. So if it was a brownie uniform (and I could be wrong, I assume she’s working on US dress codes which may be different) she was sexualising the image oif someone who no older then TEN.

    Maybe she was just toying with the idea of looking sexy and innocent at the same time. I’m sure there are plenty of men out there who like the connotations of innocence in overt sexuality, hence why sexy schoolgirl/girl scout/nun costumes are so popular. That’s fine between two people. But for Fergi to take that to MTV – where she has an audience of millions, none of whom she has any idea what they’re taking away from the image – I think is irresponsible.

  11. Jennifer Kesler says

    And what’s the target audience for MTV? 9 year olds? 😛

    Here in the US, you stop being a Brownie when you’re around 8, 9… somewhere through there. Then you become a Girl Scout, which is a green uniform. No idea what country Fergi is playing too – just saying that to me, Brownie uniforms mean very little girls who… um, sell cookies door to door to strangers.

    Okay, now I’m really creeped out.

  12. says

    Since I’ve tried so hard to ignore this video that I couldn’t remember it, I just glanced through it on YouTube and that is definitely supposed to be a Brownie uniform.

    Ewww… that is disturbing then.

  13. MaggieCat says

    Since I’ve tried so hard to ignore this video that I couldn’t remember it, I just glanced through it on YouTube and that is definitely supposed to be a Brownie uniform. I know I’d aged to Junior Girl Scout (green and blue outfit) by the time I was in the 6th grade (about 11). Even more disturbingly, while in the uniform she’s handing out boxes of candy from the beginning of the video. I don’t remember selling cookies past the age of 11, so that pegs the outfit pretty young.

  14. Mike says

    Fergie is aweseome in her kneesocks. It’s to bad most women are prudes and do not wear kneesocks. If you wear a skirt, adult women should wear kneesocks-ALWAYS.

  15. Jennifer Kesler says

    I was about to list all the stuff he could do to make himself appealing to ME, and just for spite it would’ve been a pretty degrading list. None of the rest of y’all deserved to have to read it and vomit, so this is a better solution.

    I can use any image we want there – I started to use one of a dancing troll, but it was kind of distracting. 😀

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