Flavored Water Makes You Beautiful

Some time ago, I gave a positive review for Dove’s ad campaigns. It seems I wasn’t the only one struck by them.

Crystal Light (aka adult, sugar-free Kool Aid) has started running campaigns filled with a diverse mix of women, all espousing the benefit of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Oh, wait, let me take that back. Not eight glasses of plain old water – that wouldn’t do. Crystal Light tells us we need to make our water beautiful by adding color and flavor to it…and by doing so, and by drinking water that’s been enhanced like this, then we’ll be beautiful.

They’ve got the method of delivery right. They’ve got the broad range of real-looking women right. The problem is I just don’t buy it. I don’t need to add flavor to my water to obtain the benefits drinking eight glasses gives me. No one does. All their ad campaign tells me is that they’re trying to capitalize on Dove’s success. Good for them.

As for me, I’ll keep on drinking regular water…which, while it makes me feel healthy and balanced, has not made me any more or less beautiful at eight glasses a day than I was at four. And it wouldn’t even if I added Crystal Light to it.


  1. Jose says

    Some scientists have attacked the obligatory 8 glasses of water a day mantra saying that for the majority of people drinking water (as opposed to a diuretic) when you’re thirsty and avoiding diuretics works just fine.

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  2. Jennifer Kesler says

    Oh, cool! I’ve emailed you. None of the others can actually see your email address, but I’ll pass along any information to them you want.

  3. sbg says

    Sure, but I know a sadly large number of people who think that because soda pop and coffee are liquid, they’re somehow fulfilling their water intake by consuming them.

    Of course, that doesn’t directly relate to the topic at hand. 😉

  4. scarlett says


    I know plenty of people who think that soft drink, coffee and alcohol will hydrate you – all of which have series DEhydrating elements in them. As far as I know, there is NO ELEMENT you can ADD to water to make it MORE hydrating.

  5. Glaivester says

    Not sure about soda, but there is no reason why coffee can’t be considered part of your eight glasses – except maybe if it is highly sweetened.

    If you drink coffee frequently, the body learns to compensate for the diuretic effect.

  6. Glaivester says

    I thought the message of the ads was that Crystal Light makes drinking your eight glasses enjoyable instead of a chore.

  7. scarlett says

    I think caffiene dehydrates you. I was told anything with serious amonts of sugar, caffiene or alcohol will, at best, nullify the water in the drink, and often dehydrate you more then it hydrates you.

  8. Jennifer Kesler says

    I drink SmartWater, which has electrolytes added in. Seems to hydrate better during dry seasons. But no, I don’t think color and flavor do you any good. I guess if people absolutely can’t stand plain water, and this is a relatively harmless additive to make it tolerable, then it’s better than nothing.

    But it still doesn’t make you beautiful.

  9. scarlett says

    Oh, I would assume it is, we’ve gotten a little off-topic. But it sounds like slightly dodgy science. If Crystal Light is an artificial sweetener, then it’s most likely a dieretic(sp?) which would nullify the hydrating effects of water.

    There was ad add for cordial a few years ago, for using it as a means of enjoying your eight glasses of water a day – but the amont of sugar would all but have nullifed the effect of the water, not to mention being not too for your body. (And, incidentally, artificial sweeteners have been known to have all sorts of harmful side effects.)

  10. sbg says

    But the ad clearly says “drink Crystal Light because it makes water beautiful, and you’ll be beautiful too” not “drink Crystal Light because it’s more fun than drinking plain water.”

  11. Jose says

    Apparently they dish out chicken soup in the final stages of some triatholons. Most triatheletes who drop out do so because of salt loss. I’ve never done a triatholon myself (a 42km marathon is my masochistic threshold) but it makes sense.

    Mind you that possibility of collapsing due to a salt deficiency with the diets we have nowadays isn’t something you really have to worry about.

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